Status update: 7/10

Hi again. I am still working on the new side renders – I want to get a few done and post them all together if possible… and we will have to see how this weekend works out. The weather here has been a total fucking mess all week – it has been super humid and thunder-storming every other day; which is basically the worst thing possible for my migraines – so most days I haven’t been able to do very much with all this. We even lost power for a few hours – for the first time in years. I will do the best I can to get all this done as soon as possible – but it will likely be at least a little bit late… just knowing how things have been going recently. (I try to take more time make it nicer rather than rush it to get it done ‘on time’.) Still really hoping to find time to squeeze in something else this month too… but who knows if that will finally happen.

In the mean time, please vote in the polls on the right if you haven’t yet – and check out my assorted other pages, linked on the right as well; (there are assorted side renders on my slushe/DA pages that are not posted here) and any follows/comments/retweets, etc would be greatly appreciated. For anyone new to this site, there is a bunch of free content up top under the “Freely Released Image Sets!” tab. I did also make mini-set 66 available over on my gumroad page, for anyone interested in that. (Gumroad is where all my old mini-sets are are not free or still available on my Patreon page.) I hope you all stay safe, and I will post another status update soon when I get the side renders done/posted.

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