Status update: 3/19 – Slow going.

Hi again. I wanted to stop by with a small update at least – since things are progressing rather slowly at the moment. (Freaky coincidence – I apparently named another status update with “slow going” five years ago, tomorrow… weird.) Anyway, I am still working on the mini-set renders; all sorts of things have been keeping me from doing too much work on that each day – primarily the migraines I get. (I’ve been incapacitated most for of today – looking at screens just makes it worse.) It is what it is though, not much else I can do… and I will get it done soon enough – the whole world is a bit of a mess right now; so at least I am far from alone. I hope all of you are doing well despite the worldwide pandemic thing… and/or that you will continue to be fine/better. 🙂

So I will be back as soon as I can with that – and then the new mini-set preview late this month for sure… (which I do already have special plans for) I am not even sure what else I will have time for at this rate. The polls could really use some more votes as well… and I also posted a feedback request journal on my DA page, if anyone is interested. (The raffle commission will likely be done early next month unless the winner responds within a few hours.) On that note, another reminder that I am having that commission raffle for a standard commission at the end of this month (on the 30th) for all tiered patrons, so check it out!

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