Status update: 3/13 – Extra January mini-set preview posted!

Hey again, just a quick update here. First of all, I want to point out that it is apparently it is actually Friday the 13th – which is kind of ironic given the “national emergency” that we in the United States are only just now in as of today. (Were I more into horror things, I would likely have made something for this… but horror is not usually my thing so much – so I will just point it out.)

Anyway, I went ahead and posted the second preview for the January mini-set (the Salune/Tentacles one) back in that post, as well as in the mini-set master catalog; so definitely check that out. (I also posted it on slushe/twitter.) I am still working on the current mini-set renders, but I have been having fairly bad migraines each day from the weather shifting up and down 20-ish degrees every few days. The is compounded by the fact that for whatever reason there is no excedrin migraine I can buy to help deal with it… so I am doing the best I can. (There was some kind of voluntary recall by the manufacturer… not sure of the details – but none has been available as far as I know for months now.)

So I should be back sometime next week when that gets done… and once again, a reminder that I am having that commission raffle for a standard commission at the end of this month (30th) for all tiered patrons, so check it out!

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