Status update: 3/26 – Mini-set renders done, minor eye issues.

Hey again. Long story short – I finally finished the mini-set renders and sent out main rewards on my Patreon page… but my eyes are having some kind of minor photo-sensitivity at the moment, making it hard to do much on the computer. (Things seem a bit blurry/brighter than normal right now, it’s been going on for two days now… not sure why.) I will see about getting that looked at tomorrow if it persists, but we will just have to see what happens. I am going to try and get the new mini-set preview done before the end of the month, (patrons have a clue what is planned) but it might actually go past that for once if my eye thing gets worse or if something else happens. (The whole world is screwy right now due to the whole coronavirus thing.)

I would also really appreciate more votes in the polls on here… as there are very few votes right now; you may also want to check out the raffle I am hosting on my Patreon page which ends in a few days… otherwise, I should be back next week sometime with the new mini-set preview!

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