May Patreon poll results!

Hey again. So I ended the Patreon polls for the month a day early as one was done and the other hadn’t gotten any other votes in a few days. (I also think I have time to work on some of this stuff today so I am ending it to be certain of what to do.) There were two Patreon polls this month, one for the mini-set and one for the month’s story set. The story set scenario that was chosen was “Helenya and one of the elf sisters” so that is what I will do for the main sex scene in this month’s image set. (I plan to only do one this time, with some other plot images too.) The mini-set poll was technically a tie between Zayla and Helenya so I am going with Zayla since Helenya won the other poll already. I plan to work on the mini-set over the next few days and hopefully can get that finished. If you want to get in on future patreon polls, get early access to my image sets, get access to the mini-sets and other goodies, and/or help support my work, my Patreon page is

In regard to the game work I did the past few days, I wrote the variations for one scene and worked in some music; I think it’s nice. I will see what else I have time for once the story set for the month is done.

2 thoughts on “May Patreon poll results!

  1. myself

    aw the (nightmare)… cof cof cof i mean the demon got soo close… :S, oh well cerberi is still a demon technically 😀

    1. redleatherart Post author

      The site poll with the monsters is still going and will be up all month, there is still plenty of time for that to change. This post was in relation to the polls that were on Patreon for the last week, for all my patrons; I never posted them here. Also votes in the current site poll are not binding in any way, it is just a gauge for interest in various monster types. I will still favor some monsters due to simplicity, poser friendliness and of course personal taste; this just lets me know what all of you want to see. (Demons are happening at some point regardless, so no worries.)


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