May Patreon mini-set hopefully done tomorrow…

Hey again, quick update. I had some things to do last weekend but managed to kind of finish the mini-set yesterday. The problem was that when I tried to render it earlier today, no end of problems began to surface. I had used a new environment/props for the mini-set and apparently it just did not want to work with octane at all. I have spent almost four hours today trying to fix this, but I gave up fixing the old scene after two hours and just redid the entire environment for the mini-set. However then this new scene had memory problems due to my single, limited card, so a few of the images I planned to make simply won’t work. I will still have 4-5 images for the mini-set which is what it is supposed to have, but I had wanted to do more; however it just isn’t going to happen with my limited equipment. (Maybe I can revisit this in a later mini-set later on once I get better equipment.)

I just can’t finish the last few renders/postwork tonight, I hope to finish it tomorrow. I have everything fixed so there shouldn’t be any other freaky problems/further delays unless I find some way to get the other images working. So hopefully there will be a preview of this posted sometime tomorrow. Side note, the poll is looking really nice with some rather surprising results; but there is still plenty of time for things to change.

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