April poll review, status update, and new big poll up!

Hey. I sent out the patreon rewards yesterday, if there are any problems there please email me and let me know. In regards to last months poll, some people seem fairly interested in a VN idea, which is nice as I was planning to try that once I get the current game idea finished. (Nobody voted for the low interest options so I can only assume nobody is against the idea.) Speaking of polls, a new big poll is up now and it will be up for the rest of May!

It has been a while since I have done a big poll but now seems like a good time, now that the new site is all situated. The big monster poll asks what is/are your favorite monster types? I tried to cover most things, but fair bet I missed a few; if there’s something you want to see in the poll, leave a comment! (I CAN edit polls in progress with the poll widget on this site!) As for what I am doing now, I plan to try and finish a scene or two for the current game idea this week while the patreon polls finish up. If they finish early, then I can start working on either the main set or the mini-set for the month.

The majority of work left on the game is just raw content at this point. I want to let each activity a few variations depending on various factors to keep things different. This means each individual activity in the game is it’s own mini-set, with additional writing and coding. So just the basic stuff I want to do for the game is about three full size image sets, plus additional work to implement it; so about three months of work if I wasn’t doing anything else. (This is also not counting the problems I am sure to come across with Octane and larger scenes…) I really want to get a beta of the game situated in the next couple of months, but it really just depends on how much time I can find to work on it. (Interest and/or support helps too!)

EDIT 5/6: Added beastmen, cerberi, automatons to the poll choices.

RE-EDIT: So I am going to assume that me changing the poll choices somehow reset the votes… otherwise votes just doubled in less than 12 hours which is rather impressive. Also about half of the new votes were for the new choices, which is nice.

5 thoughts on “April poll review, status update, and new big poll up!

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Hey. I am not 100% sure what you mean by “nightmare”, but demons is a fairly wide category so fair chance it does. If you want to link some kind of example I could say for sure.

    1. myself

      to be more precise i enjoy bestiality specially kinda like vaesark old artworks, but since this is a mosnter category we can change the horse to a demon horse 😀


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