November plans, status update.

Hey. Sorry for the semi-late post here, but I’ve had some kind of head cold the past two days among other issues. However, I am still working on renders and stuff for the game and as I posted to my patrons a few days back, it will be better than I was sort of planning a couple weeks ago. I had left myself many notes and such on what I had planned to do here way back whenever, and I found that I am uncomfortable with leaving so much out and cutting as much as I had planned to do a short while ago. Long story short, I am almost certainly going to end up doing too much again and make this as good as I can. (A lot of choices and options and such that I had planned not to do initially will likely be included anyway.)  I am hoping to send out an early beta to many of my Patreon patrons tomorrow with the four events that I am almost done with. (I am slightly behind due to sickness and such but I think I should still make it depending on needed re-renders.) I then plan to use some time this month to further add to the game, and see what else I can throw in in addition to the other content this month.

As mentioned in my last post, I am planning to do at least one animation this month, maybe two if time allows. I am also aiming for more hardcore animations, if everything works this time around, that is. (I don’t want to send out something that doesn’t look smooth or has other issues.) I am planning to post some sort of additional preview of one of the events for this game sometime over the weekend, but I am still on the fence about it since it is not even done yet. Still though, this should be good and I am hoping that people will like it when it’s done. I will likely post again over the weekend and/or early next week with something; either a game preview, mini-set preview, or animation preview. In the mean time though, the polls on the right could really use some more votes, so check those out if you haven’t yet!

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