October poll results and more new polls!

Hey again. I’m here with a poll related update today; before I get to the results of the prior polls, please note that there are two new polls up on the right! The top one is a new poll asking what you feel are the three most important parts of an adult oriented game; and the bottom poll is another old poll that I have brought back, asking what you feel are the three most important aspects of a female character. You can vote for three (3) things in each poll. So please vote in those and let me know what you prefer, the polls with be up for a month.

As for the results from last time, things were pretty interesting; which is great. The favorite character poll was somewhat of an upset this time, as Helenya actually won this time around; with Zayla and Salune both getting only one vote less at seven each. I expected these three to be the favorites, but I am surprised that Helenya won, as Zayla won last time. Lucia got five votes which is also good and then Tabitha and Karen both got two; which I expected, but it is really nice that some people like them in addition to the more… exotic choices. The second poll asked what your favorite genre of adult game was, and this was really interesting (after the obvious first choice). This time around rpgs did best, with simulations getting fourth (compared to first last time); choose your own adventure games came second with longer story oriented VNs coming third. Short mainly sex VNs got four votes, and two each for dating sims and point and click adventure games; which is interesting. Puzzle games and card/casino games both got nothing, which is somewhat good as those are the things I am least likely to do and/or have no ideas to really do anything special with them at this time.

I have already made the one short, almost all sex VN, and this simulation/training game is coming soonish; after that I am unsure what will come next. RPG games I would like to do, however it would take a shitload of dedicated time and effort; which I cannot really justify at this time. (I barely even get comments here, I am not sure there is enough interest to warrant this.) Longer, story oriented VNs and choose your own adventure games are far more reasonable and likely; as are simulation games and short, sexy VNs. RPGs I really need to put off until there is more interest in my work, and until I am sure I can do it well enough. (I really prefer not to use RPGmaker if I can, as it doesn’t mix well with 3D art; and I am not totally sure of the details/process of making a decent RPG with Renpy.)

So those are my current thoughts on that stuff; feel free to leave comments/suggestions if you really want to see something in particular and/or have something to add somewhere. I am still working out what the main content for this month will be; I am thinking of trying to redo/fix that one animation from a couple months back (and possibly do another one as well) but that is just an idea at this point. I will send out patreon rewards early next week sometime, and shortly after that I will post here with a more concrete plan for this month.

2 thoughts on “October poll results and more new polls!

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Thanks, I appreciate it; you are still basically the only non-patron feedback I get, so it has a lot of weight. I want to work on the game a bit more this month as well, but I can’t post real previews of that just yet; so I wanted to throw in something that could get posted here, (or at least a preview gif) hence the animation plan. I do kind of feel like doing another one anyway.


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