Late august update!

Hi. Ok first off, sorry for the late update but I have had a lot of weird crap happen since last weekend and I just didn’t feel like writing this last night. Long story short, I could only get part of the old animation working right, and it seems dumb to post only such a small part when all my other ones have been full scenes; so that is shelved for now. I do really like the walking one I came up with instead though, so maybe that was for the best.

In better news, I did get the new Octane version 3 going and it looks really nice; I can now use a lot of crap with octane that I either couldn’t use before or had to work around weird ways to use before thanks to it now officially supporting displacement in octane. Long story short, this means more and better content, In other news, if you haven’t checked the “commissions and stuff for me” section of my DA page, you probably should as it has a few really nice things people have made for me recently, with more to come soonish. There is also a journal there asking you all for some feedback on my work, if anyone wants to help me out with that.

There will be at least one new poll posted either tomorrow or the day after. There will be a bunch of stuff coming next month; including the extra mini-set from the poll on the right here, so vote on that if you haven’t already for some reason. It is currently tied, so I would have to break it; but there is likely still at least a day or so until I take the poll down so there is still time. So I should post again in a day or two with new polls and the current poll results, and maybe some other info about my plans after next month.

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