New animation done, gif here.

Hey. As the title notes, I finished a new animation today; though it is not the one I had initially hoped for. I am still trying to fix something in my initial animation attempt, but I was forced to start  a different one sometime midday yesterday when it became clear I was not going to fix that one right now. (That might be for the best since I really like how this one came out.) I might have gotten a new idea to fix the last one from finishing this one, but for now this is the new animation for this month; a gif of Helenya walking. There are also less watermarks now, as I have found that many other people who make gifs and such don’t really do as much as I had in the public gifs earlier.

My mid level patrons on Patreon will get the full size MP4 of this, while the gif itself will be posted in a few places. I think this is my best animation yet in terms of smoothness, details and everything; I redid this one a few times to fix some minor issues and I really like how this came out. If I can fix that other animation, I will see whether or not I should post it now; but I will post again towards the weekend with an update of some sort. In the mean time, enjoy my newest animation!

RLA Helenya Walking

3 thoughts on “New animation done, gif here.

    1. redleatherart Post author

      I think it looks pretty good as it is; though I did try having her face/eyes move with the animation initially, now THAT was scary looking. I put that smile on her because the small smile and other basic looks I usually use didn’t feel like enough for this, but I will see about keeping expressions more muted in future animations and/or see about a way to make it a bit more fluid. (But not terrifying.)

      1. myself

        still love how the rest of the bodies move, wonder what will be your 1st animation about 😀


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