Special poll results, new polls, and feedback request.

Hey. So this is going to be a sizable bit of text in this update, but I see no real way around that given all that I need to say and do in here. First off, the anniversary mini-set special poll ended with two items tied for first place, “Helenya x Karen” and “Salune x tentacles”; as previously noted, in cases where a winner is needed and there is a tie, I have to break it. I will decide which of those two I will make the mini-set of a bit later this month when I get to it; I cannot pick one at this time and want to think about it more before I choose one. So the contents of the free mini-set that I will make sometime this month will be somewhat of a surprise, but it will be one of those two things. In regard to the new polls, one asks if you prefer quality or quantity when it comes to adult image sets; the other asks which setting you prefer for your adult content. (For possible side image sets once RTL is finished this month.)

Now for the main event in this update: it is coming up on the technical two year anniversary of this project, and I have some questions for all of you out there if you can take the time to answer. I would really like to know the following from each of you, even an answer to some of these would be fine if you either can’t or don’t want to answer all of them. The more feedback I get though, the more likely certain things are and the better my work will get; so if you want to see me make more of what you want and/or help me improve my art, please answer any or all of these questions in a comment here. They are just some simple questions, asking what you like best about my work, and also what you think I can improve on and things like that. These questions were asked early this month to my Patreon patrons, and I have already acted on some of the feedback I got from them. I figured that I might as well ask these on here as well since I posted these questions on DA recently, so at least I can say I tried.

I do realize this is somewhat awkward to ask, since none of you have likely played the small VN I made nor seen any of my most recent image sets; but I will take any answers I can get here. So please, if you want to help me out and/or see more of what you like from me, take a few minutes to tell me your answers to any or preferably all of the following questions. Feel free to add any other information/suggestions, the questions are just a guideline of what I am looking to find out. I really appreciate any and all feedback given; it is quite difficult to improve my work and know what people want when I have almost no feedback whatsoever.

1.) What is your single favorite content item I have made so far and why? (This could be a story set chapter, animation, character, or a even specific image.)

2.) What is favorite type of content that I make? (Story sets, image sets, mini-sets, games, animations, other?)

3.) What would you like to see more of from me? (This can be a character, content type, or a fetish.)

4.) What is your favorite aspect of my work, and why?

5.) What do you feel is the weakest aspect of my work so far and why?

6.) Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to seeing me do? (This could be a certain situation, character combination, the next story arc, or just something like finishing my original game idea.)

7.) What do you feel is the thing that I do best? (I was thinking like a fetish/scene type here, but I guess content type could work also, or even something like character design.)

8 thoughts on “Special poll results, new polls, and feedback request.

  1. myself

    1) zayla x helenya this duogirls are my fav πŸ˜€
    2) story set
    3) how about a new fetish lactation or ahegao?
    4) love the girls models
    5) some of the poses look unatural/uncomfortable and maybe working out a bit more their facial expression when they are feelling pleasure
    6) hum this one is so long it will take another post πŸ˜›
    7) futa/tentacles

    1. redleatherart Post author

      First of all, thanks for answering; as I mentioned it helps me greatly to have answers to these questions and I really appreciate it. As noted in my current journal on my DA page, I only expected one person to answer these questions if I posted them here; and you were it. Also as the only person who really comments on my site so far, your thoughts carry more weight for assorted reasons.

      In reply to your answers:
      1.) I am glad you like them, they are my two favorites as well πŸ™‚
      2.) I figured this would be the general answer here, due to both this being most of my content and especially due to the small VN being for patrons only right now.
      3.) I did already have plans to add in all kinds of new fetishes down the line but I don’t want to force them in where they don’t belong or do too much too quickly. Lactation is planned for something in the next story arc and beyond, ahegao I will see about working in somewhere.
      4.) Also glad you like these; I tried hard to make all characters unique in several ways but more effort tends to go into the females for many reasons
      5.) I appreciate the feedback, and I have been trying to make poses/faces better; I think if you could see the pleasure faces from the most recent set in particular it would seem better.
      6.) Reply to this will be in reply to other comment
      7.) Very good to know this. I did kind of think there was a strange deficiency in tentacle content in regards to 3D adult artists way back whenever, so I did sort of try to balance that out a bit; and I am very pleased to know that you think I do these two things well.

  2. myself

    ok how about this sixth one: zayla and her pet helenya went into an expedition for too long, their female slaves (salune, lucia, karen and tabitha) feeling that they have been forgotten and with some jealousy (of zayla special favouritism over heleyna) decide to do a mutiny, more precisely a revenge welcome home party before their mistresses return.
    they asked xan to conjure 2 magical tentacle monster and hide them in the dungeon, these monsters will work as a trap, attacking zayla and Heleyna and rob their physical movement and magical abilities while sexualy torturing them, once they are in this vunerable position the 4 criminals will reveal themselves bringing lots of sexual toys to have their way with zayla and heleyna, being their mistress and “superior” zayla and helenya will try to resist at first, specially zayla since she is very prideful, but their slave know their mistress body too well and soon they have no choice but to sucumb to their slaves sexual assault…after the first few forced orgasms zayla will have no choise but to forgive their slaves initiative this time (partially because deep down she is enjoying it) and let go with the flow, and in the end this scenario ends up in a huge lesbian orgy… πŸ˜€

    I choose this scenario cuz i dont enjoy the vanila ( malexfemale scene), instead i love tentacles scenes, I also love scenes that includes lesbian orgies something rare in these 3d scenes (instead we tend to have tons of many males gangbang a female), and of course I also like the scenario of reversal, where the master/mistress looses control and becomes the servant of their own servants, were their pride gets shatered…

    Ok there u have it my dream scene with your characters… πŸ˜€

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Holy fucking shit you really went to town here. Ok so the most fascinating part of this to me is not the scene itself, but the rest of what you said so let me work my way to that.

      As for the scene idea, it does sound really hot and everything; just it has far too many characters involved at once and throws everyone into positions that they likely would not be. As for the general trends of the scene though; I also think the mistress whole role reversal thing is quite fun when done right, and I do have plans for that sort of thing happening in a lesser scale at assorted points in the future. Also I do have plans for way down the line sometime where my various characters put their differences aside and work together for a bit; so things like this involving contradictory characters could theoretically be possible, though never with so many characters at once. (Render limitations if nothing else.)

      The really interesting thing here to me is down where you note that there is an overabundance of M/F content in the world of adult art. This is very true, and this does make sense since the majority of people can relate to this type of content best as it reflects most people’s desires and is the most safe for creators. You also mention the huge amount of traditional gangbang scenes; which is again what most people can relate to/want to see for assorted reasons. My content will of course feature these things to some extent, as it is simply what many common situations will entail and what most people supposedly want to see; but I do note and understand your preference for nonstandard/rarer scene types, like the lesbian gangbang. (I recall you mentioning that previously.) I have tried to work in some nonstandard things here and there; but I do not want to limit myself to any particular type(s) of content.

      As voted in the previous special poll, the final chapter of RTL this month will have an extended lesbian scene. I will see about possibly involving a third character in that somewhere, but the more characters there are, the more complicated everything becomes in many ways. As mentioned before, I will take all this into consideration and see about working in more nonstandard scenes; and thanks again for answering.

    1. redleatherart Post author

      That’s another one like lactation that I already wanted/planned to do but was just unable to so far for assorted reasons. If I can find a good way to do it visually, I would like to work that in sometime soon. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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