Status update: 10/23 – Mini-set renders done, new stuff soon.

Hi again. Sorry for the slight delay in posting this, but I am just so out of it after this past week. Long story semi-short, I finished the mini-set renders last night and finally sent that out – it came out to 27 renders total; and my patrons also get early access to a second preview from that. (It features the titjob bit, in case you couldn’t guess from what I said last post.) There are also one or two POV renders I threw in there just because… but I did manage to get all that I set out to do done in that mini-set; even if it wasn’t all that I perhaps had hoped to do at first. (Fairly standard.) It has a few less alternate angles than I have been including recently, mostly due to how long some of these renders took – but I still like how it came out despite the complications. However, I am just so drained and need a couple days before getting back to making stuff. (Again, I have had bad headaches literally every day for a week – and using most all my spare time to get these renders sorted just took whatever I had left.) I did post the new bit on my “Characters” page for Belle though, so check that out if that interests you.

My current plan is to push the fourth anniversary mini-set back a bit (likely early/mid next month) in hopes of getting the Halloween stuff done in/on time… but we will see how that plan even goes. (I wanted to try and get one render done today for the slushe Halloween contest, but I just don’t have enough creative juice left to do it at the moment.)  So expect the new DA/slushe stuff as well as the public preview for this month’s new mini-set sometime in the next week… probably over the weekend or later. There will also likely be one/two new previews posted here a bit after that… such as that second preview from the mini-set I just sent out that I mentioned above, and the new event preview from my new game that I posted to Patrons last month.

Also worth noting, is that there is about a week left in my assorted limited time offers/promotions; which is to say, the one my Patreon page as well as the commission sale – so definitely check those out if you think you may be interested in supporting me/my work! [] I am also considering what to do with the trivia/scavenger hunt contest; I may just take it down and end it early next month, since nobody really seems interested… which I am still fairly surprised at. (Half the answers are on one page, it would take like… 30 minutes to complete if you actually tried.)

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