The current situation: 3/3/15

Hi. So I have ported over all my old content and posted the one new set here on the new site. There is still a bunch of crap I need to do/figure out, but this should be good enough for now. (It is taking longer than I thought it would.) I am still working on the images and new banners, so please excuse the few blank pages of this site for the time being. The votes from the old blog have been copied over here, so please vote again to the five people who actually voted in the polls. More votes would be appreciated as well, votes are on the right of this page as before. Some new octane pics on deviantart for those that haven’t seen those yet.

I have also redone the Patreon page again to reflect the new situation; hopefully now that I have Octane people will actually want to support my work. I am also now giving out Patreon rewards via email, so that people don’t just leech my content. It’s just depressing when I give out all this stuff for free and some people still steal what little I hold back for my supporters. Support would help a lot if you enjoy my work, especially since I now have to pay to host all this.

Since I still have all this crap to work out, my old schedule still stands; I hope to finish set two of the small story arc by the end of the month. Here is the preview image for those who missed it before.


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