Slight problem with my original plan for chapter two.

So I made the basic scene that I was planning for the other part of this new set, and luckily I though to test it in Octane before doing much work on it. The models and environment that I planned to use go a fair way over the limits that I have to work with inside Octane, and can’t be used with the hardware I currently have. This means that I now have to come up with some alternate plan for the second part of this set, which I may not be able to work out before the end of the month.

The first part is done as far as construction/writing goes, (the first part was supposed to be about 2/3 of the set’s total images, similar to the last one) and it alone could/would cover the 20 images I usually shoot for in a large set; so worst case scenario I may need to delay this second part into next month and make it the next chapter or part of it. I will do the best that I can to fit this in this month, but this kind of screws my original plan and I now have to rethink/rewrite a bunch of crap. (At the very least I didn’t do all the work only to find out that it wouldn’t render.)

In other news, the current polls end at the end of the month, so vote in those before they close. Also for those that actually read these messages and/or this far down in them, I plan to do some kind of special poll next month for the next main set; though I am not sure which kind to run yet. So watch for that a bit later.

RE-EDIT – 3/28: So I figured out another plan for part two, and am halfway done with it. I should be able to finish the set construction today, and do the composition/postwork bit tomorrow if all goes well. Ok so set construction is done, minus a few small fixes and tweaks. I should only have one problem to deal with as far as rendering goes, but I think I may have a way around it. (I will know tomorrow.) I am going to try to finish the composition/postwork tomorrow, but the set seems like it may be larger than I intended; part two is as big as part one. So I may or may not cut some things, but Octane at least makes renders much faster than poser so I may be able to use most of it. Note: there is a lot of composition work to do on this, this might run into Monday; it depends on how much I can manage to do tomorrow.

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