New lighting preview; feedback would be great.

Hi again. Against my better judgement, I am posting a preview of the new lighting that I am working on. Below on the left is the old preview for RTL 7 and the updated preview is on the right with a preview of the new lighting. I know the old one looks a bit bright for bland lighting, but that is due to me raising the brightness in the postwork. The new image on the right currently has no postwork except the logos.

Personally, I think the image on the right is a huge improvement; as noted in the update in the previous post. I know nobody here wants to leave comments for whatever reason, but some feedback here would really be great. If nobody bothers commenting or voting, I can only assume that everyone is on board with what I am planning since nobody cares enough to say otherwise. Even if you like it, I would appreciate it if you let me know. I still have no idea when the set will be done, I am hoping for late next week.

EDIT 10/13: To nobody’s great surprise, RTL 7 will likely run into next week. I have had various real life things happening for the past few days or so which have prevented me from putting in any solid time to work on this.


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