New ideas for future sets.

So since I have been looking for ways to improve my work, I recently asked another artist for for feedback; and actually got some very useful ideas. I won’t bother explaining it all now; but just be aware that I plan to try a lot of new and different things for RTL 7 and other future sets. There have always been some things that I did simply to keep things uniform, and/or for utility’s sake; such as the high level of standard lighting, just so that people can see what is going on. (There are tons of 3D renders on DA and the like with lighting so bad, I can’t even tell what is in the image; I wanted to avoid that at all costs.) I intend to try different, “artier” lighting this time, among other ideas; both things that I had planned anyway and ideas I got from this other artist. This could go amazingly well, be horrifically bad, or end up anywhere in between. Personally, I think many of these changes will be for the best though, assuming that I can do it right. It may take a few sets to work out the kinks. One idea of mine in particular is very close to out of my area of expertise/comfort; but I really want to try it if I can get it working right.

Also, the polls could still use more votes and the contest can always use more entries. I have no idea when RTL 7 will get done; I already posted the early preview so there likely won’t be much posted between then and now, except maybe another status update. I plan to do the main set before the mini-set this month for once as well; if only because I am sort of behind schedule. So maybe late next week, we shall see.

UPDATE 10/8: After preliminary testing, the thing I was worried about looks like it will probably actually work; but it’s too early to say for sure. The “fancy” lighting is yielding mixed results so far, but that is part of the reason I never bothered with this before now. Two other things I have planned are also no problem and are definitely happening.

UPDATE 10/9; So after fiddling with the lighting some more, I think I actually have it working pretty well now. This set is on track to be epic and/or my best one yet. Even if it isn’t the biggest or the most complex, I think it will still be the best if all these new ideas continue to work out.

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