New poll for September 2023!

Yo. Sorry this is later than I had planned, but the last few days have been a huge mess for various reasons – yesterday in particular was beyond weird. I had to spend 6 hours troubleshooting someone else’s PC – only to find that the problem was a corrupt core system dll – which effectively could not be fixed… so I had to reinstall windows on a computer that was barely a week old. Add that to the super hot/humid/stormy weather, (about 100 degrees F for three days now) and things have not been going great… but we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Anyway, for the last couple months, I have had the character poll up – and there weren’t many votes cast… but it was a tie between Nylavi, Helenya, and Belle. Rather surprised by all of that, really – and I will keep it in mind… but the low votes must also be taken into consideration; still, thanks to those who did vote.

Regardless – there is a new poll up, and it is a revisit of an older poll from almost two years ago, asking how you feel about pregnancy/impregnation in adult content, with five different options. Let me know your thoughts on that please, and we will see how this poll goes!

Otherwise, I will be back sometime before the end of the month with some kind of update – I don’t want to say in a week or mention anything specific, since I have no way to be sure right now… and the last few months have been a hot, busy mess; but I should definitely be back before the end of the month – just to let you know I am still around, etc.

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