Status update: 8/30

Hey. As you can probably guess, I have not had time to really even work on renders this month – let alone finish anything; I have been super busy with real life stuff, and the weather has been mostly crap as well. Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in months, somehow – and I am just spent both physically and mentally; when I have trouble typing, and bump into things a lot, I know I am too out of it to do much. Forcing myself to work on anything now would be pointless, so I have little choice but to just wait; apologies to those who actually check this and have been waiting, but these past few months have just been a humid/stormy/busy mess all around – for a lot of people, it seems.

We will see what next month holds, but I will post a new poll in a few days at the minimum. With that in mind, this is the last chance to vote in this poll, so please do that if you haven’t.

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Any interest, comments, follows, likes, votes, or support really does help. It is hard to keep making new stuff when nobody seems to care. Following me on DA/slushe/pixiv/twitter/whatever doesn’t cost anything – and that all does help spread the word about my work… so please consider doing some of that if you haven’t already.

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