7/8: Status update, hentai foundry issues.

Hey. I have had some real life things to work out the last few days but these things should be over sometime tomorrow. Once this is done I will make the next Patreon mini-set as well as hopefully a few new DA images. The special poll is going great so far, but more votes is always good. There is still time for everything to change, so spread the word and vote if you haven’t already!

Side note: since my deviantart account has brought in a lot of views and attention, I am trying to get my hentai foundry account working again, but am having no end of issues. I tried to make a HF account seven months ago to help promote my work; but at the time nothing I submitted was accepted, so I just deleted the account thinking I could remake it if things ever changed. (You can view everything on HF without an account, so there was no real reason to keep it.) Back then I could only trace them rejecting my stuff to an issue they seemed to have with 3d art at the time and some strange clauses in their acceptance guidelines specifically rejecting 3d art submissions that used premade content for no real reason. Since then, I have talked to a couple people who assure me that HF would work for me now and I can no longer find that clause in the guidelines; so I would like to try and use hentai foundry again but apparently I can’t.

For some reason, “deleting” your account there doesn’t actually delete anything; apparently it just locks the account and name forever. If I had know that, I never would have deleted it in the first place; I would have just sat on it and left it inactive. As far as I recall, I have never seen a site do this before; especially without any sort of account recovery system to undo it. HF allegedly has recovery systems but none of them seem to work in this instance. I have sent multiple emails to the “support” email address they have listed, since there isn’t much else I can do right now without an account; but it has been over a month and I have received no response of any kind. If anybody knows somebody who is an admin or something over on HF, can you please ask them to contact me, or ask what I can do to get my account back, or just tell them to check the support email? I realize that it is entirely possible that they got my email(s) and just don’t give a shit, but I am hoping  that is not the case.

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