New special poll now open, old polls review.

Hi again. I have posted the new special poll, which is unlike any other previous special poll I have done. In this poll, there are no real losers per se; all three of these scenarios will happen, you just get to decide which one you want to see first! There are three options given, along with working titles for each scene. Whichever option wins the poll will be done this month, the other two will still happen; but in the coming months. You should be able to guess how each scene will go more or less with one possible exception. The third scene features Xan, a newer permanent character that was just introduced in RLA chapter two; which I just posted as a free release in the post below. He is a master of nature magic, specifically conjuring and summoning magics. If the last big monster poll results are to be believed, most of you will love this character. Check his bio on my characters page if you like, I just added it. This new special poll will be up for two weeks so get voting and spread the word! Old poll reviews after the break below.

Quick note to my Patrons, in case you missed the message I sent out earlier, Patreon is still sorting out the weird payment problems they had yesterday and payments usually take up to 48 hours to process anyway so I am going to wait a bit to send out rewards and such to give that time to go through. If your payment was declined or having issues, make sure you payment method is correct and wait for Patreon to re-process it. If you still have problems, send them a support message.

EDIT 7/4: Patreon rewards for last month have been sent to those with cleared payments, If you have any problems let me know.

As for the old polls, votes in these were rather low with an odd surge at the very end which may have been legitimate, I am not sure. The first poll asked how you all liked my characters page, and most of you seemed to either love it or like it which is great. I spent a fair bit of time writing those and I always thought it was cool to have additional info and such for characters available, so I have tried to do that. Two people said they never looked or felt neutral about it, which I guess is to be expected somehow; but that was the lowest vote in that poll thankfully.

The second poll asked what you favorite sex scenario type was and this poll got weird in the last day or so with that vote surge, but more on that in a minute. First off, standard sex and prostitution got no votes, which I expected for standard sex but didn’t for prostitution. There may end up being a bit of these anyway, I am not sure right now. Loving, cuddly sex got two votes, and there will be some of that; don’t worry. Lusty mindless sex came in third with five votes, and there will be some of this as well. In first there was a three way tie sort of, between semi-consensual sex, non-consensual sex, and blackmail/extortion sex. Now, the thing to note here is that blackmail/extortion sex had no votes at all until that surge on the last day; so I am not sure how legitimate these votes are. I have some possible plans for this, but I am not sure they will happen that soon. As for the other two, semi and non-consensual sex, these are totally happening and have happened already numerous times, no problems here.

I have no idea why votes in these polls were so much lower than previous polls recently. i can only assume that the guy in the comments was right and that most people do not really care what the situation is, as long as there is one. Votes do help me know what people want though, so votes would be preferred if at all possible.

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