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Hi again. I know this is a bit late again, but it is what it is; 2020 has been a mess all around for most everyone. I just sent out main rewards to my patreon patrons, as well as the second preview for this latest mini-set with Zayla and Nightmare Salune, which ended up being my largest yet – at 70 images! (A lot of alternate angles in there, but still impressive.) I did also get all that I wanted/planned to put in with this mini-set; including the end scene that I usually have to cut due to lack of time – so that really is something. I also tested/discovered a lot of new stuff making this mini-set; which will come in handy later… the tags on the post for the mini-set may give one clue regarding that. I rather like how it all came out – and hopefully most of you will as well!

I did also finally finish my fourth short story, which goes with last month’s mini-set (Zayla and Nightmare Salune) and it is after the ‘read more’ break below! (As with prior short stories, there may be a few minor issues here and there, but I will check it again tomorrow… or maybe Monday – I am far too tired to fix it now.) As far as length goes, it is a good bit longer than my first and third short stories, but nowhere near the length of the second – a bit over 4000 words… so, a good length, I hope. I have also re-posted the one preview for the mini-set below with the story – and the second preview will join it in a few weeks. I really hope that some people out there read this and enjoy it! 😀

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~Zayla’s Nightmare~

After a long, busy day of training and managing her assorted slaves, Zayla took her boots off and flopped down onto her bed, fairly exhausted after a lot of ‘hands on’ work. The dark elf had finally finished a rough day of hard work – and had a rather lavish dinner, with a bottle of expensive wine, a ham, some apples, a baked potato, and a fancy loaf of bread. A pretty good day, all around – even if nothing of note had happened. All that food and drink caused her to pass out almost instantly though… and for whatever reason, Zayla had the strangest dream that night. One that she would not forget for many years to come…

She opened her eyes to find herself in what appeared to be one of her slave cells… on the wooden cot – which wasn’t overly uncommon. However – she was totally naked… and her hands were stuck in bondage mitts; her nipple piercings also appeared to be missing. Even stranger, is that her entire body felt off – mostly heavier… especially her breasts and her ass. Of course Zayla was rather well endowed in both areas to begin with, but both her tits and her butt did indeed seem to be significantly larger all of a sudden… which was odd – this had to be some kind of dream. The lusty dark elf often had sexual dreams, even despite her daily practice… but this all felt wrong somehow – she couldn’t remember her body changing like this in a dream before. After a minute or so of contemplating her current situation, she finally noticed the most stark change to her body so far – her teeth were totally gone. The situation was now taking a disturbing turn… this was not the kind of thing she would imagine for herself – that was something men did to make their female slaves give even better blowjobs; which was doubly odd – since Zayla was already far more skilled than most sex slaves at oral service… so removing her teeth was effectively pointless – and mostly just cruel. The dark elf was now a bit worried… and so she sat up and tried to get up off the cot; except that she immediately fell down when she tried to stand up for some reason.

The curvy dark elf fell and hit the floor rather hard – but thankfully, her noticeably larger ass cushioned the fall a bit. Zayla desperately looked around to try and get a better idea of where she was, and what was going on. As she looked around the cell though, one of the only other things in the room was a food dish – which to her horror, had her name embossed on it… with little hearts. It was filled full with some kind of slop… as she crawled a bit closer, it smelled like… beast cum, medicine, and… gravy? Zayla was now starting to panic… the lusty elf had of course had weird sex dreams before, even ones where she was willingly submissive on rare occasions – but this was unlike any she could remember… and it felt so real. She desperately tried to stand up, but her lower body was much heavier than it usually was… and also strangely weak in general. The dark elf turned on her side, and then finally noticed something far more disturbing than everything else so far – she had a slave tattoo on her belly… and a particularly dangerous one at that.

If she remembered correctly, the symbol she was seeing on her slightly bulging tummy was the legendary “Fertile Climax” tattoo – a permanent, magical slave mark put on particularly valuable female breeding slaves. The mark was impossible to fully remove, and it effectively guaranteed pregnancy whenever any sperm got inside the wearer’s womb – even if the parents were not a proper match for child-making. More distressing was the fact that it also caused unimaginable pleasure when the slave wearing it was impregnated – so much so that it usually caused permanent damage to the slave’s body and mind after only a few pregnancies. It did also give great pleasure when any sperm entered the bearer’s womb – even if the wearer was already pregnant; but it was far less pleasure than when they were impregnated… and it did not do damage unless they were. Thinking about that, led Zayla to some truly horrifying conclusions – but that would explain why her ass and thighs were so much bigger now…and why she had such trouble moving her lower body – to the point where she couldn’t even stand up. She decided to try and test her theory – and tried to squeeze one of her enlarged breasts with her mitted hands… and to her horror, it yielded a surprising amount of milk – the proud dark elf was lactating! This could only mean that her guesses were correct – and that she was in some legitimate nightmare, where she was a breeding slave… that had given birth rather recently, going by the milk.

As the dark elf tried fruitlessly to get up again, the door to her cell opened – and flooded the room with a strange red light… and revealed a somewhat familiar face. It looked like Salune… except her hair was red, she had a wicked grin on her face, her cock even looked a bit bigger, and her eyes had a distinctly evil red glow to match her black sclera. For some reason, Zayla was now afraid – something about this creature was magical, evil, and unnatural… and she was certain that it was not actually Salune; it was only taking her form – probably to taunt her, given what she knew of her current situation. The dark elf found herself unable to move or speak for the moment… and she just sat there, staring at the evil nightmare futa elf as she walked closer. The cock in front of her was only partially hard – and it was already larger than Salune’s was… and it was leaking a steady stream of black precum; which was extremely unusual, and very worrying. “Poor Zayla – did you fall off your bed again? Or maybe you were just so hungry that you wanted your food? Either way… all you’re getting now is my cock – so open wide!” Salune teased her, as she slowly approached, and then grabbed the dark elf’s hair… before lifting her to her knees with one hand; doing in seconds what Zayla had been unable to do in several minutes.

This evil version of Salune was strong – or maybe it was that wherever she was, Zayla was just that weak; either way, it did not body well. The red-haired futa pressed her half-hard cock into Zayla’s mouth with ease, and proceeded to fuck her prize breeding slave’s toothless mouth… hard. The busty elf could now taste the precum of this nightmare creature; her black seed was extremely thick, like molasses – and very bitter. Within a minute, Salune’s cock was rock hard – and it started pressing into the helpless dark elf’s throat. Zayla tried to resist this rough treatment, but she was far too weak – her legs would not move, and her gloved hands couldn’t even press into Salune’s skin. The normally dominant dark elf was at the mercy of this creature – and she had the feeling that it was going to be particularly rough with her. “Fuck yea – you give the absolute best blowjobs since I knocked your teeth out. No other slut can beat your mouth pussy…” The nightmare creature said between deep breaths – giving the dark elf an awkward compliment. Embarrassingly, Zayla’s pussy was already dripping wet from having her mouth and throat fucked like this… and only part of it was her fault.

What the dark elf couldn’t have known, was that she had other things tattooed on her ass as well, that she couldn’t see without a mirror. These tattoos on her backside included a strong lust enchantment, twenty two score marks, and the handwritten words – “Salune’s Breeding Whore”. Things were worse than Zayla had guessed – in her nightmare, she was Salune’s pet and breeding whore… and her mistress was merciless when fucking her prize breeding slave. And that she had apparently fathered twenty two children with Zayla in this world already… with every intention to keep going. The dark elf’s eyes teared up as she was used like a cheap whore… and she could do little more than resign herself to it – this Salune was far stronger than her. Barely two minutes after she first put her cock inside her favorite toothless slut’s mouth, the nightmare futa felt her first orgasm of the day approaching… so she pushed her thick shaft as far down Zayla’s throat she she could. As she did, her massive balls unleashed their impossibly thick, potent, and voluminous load straight into her pet dark elf’s eager stomach.

However, the Zayla she was currently fucking was far from used to such treatment – and quickly started struggling and choking on Salune’s disgusting cum. Confused and disappointed, the nightmarish futa pulled her cock out of her pet’s throat, and backhanded Zayla hard – causing some of the thick semen to spill and drip down her chin as she continued to cough and clear her throat. “I trained you better than that, Zayla. You haven’t had trouble swallowing my cock or my cum for over ten years… what has gotten into you today? You’re usually so excited to see me the day after you give birth… how strange.” Salune remarked, with a curious tone as she playfully stroked her large cock back to full hardness. This creature just told her that she had given birth yesterday… that couldn’t be right; enough was enough – this had to end now… it was no longer amusing, even if it was kind of hot. Zayla was not one to allow anyone to treat her like this anymore… and it was far past time this mess got sorted out. However, as finally caught her breath and opened her mouth to speak her mind to the evil futa elf – no words came out… only moans.

Now, Zayla was truly afraid… and frightened; which had not happened in decades. She had been magically silenced… and was completely trapped.The dark elf swore she could see the eyes of the evil Salune clone glow brighter as Zayla realized her helplessness – and as her fear grew. This nightmare creature fed on her fear and lust… and it had her ensnared; this was extremely bad. Zayla remembered reading spells that could trap people in situations like this… and feed on them – a nightmare that felt like it went on forever; but nobody she knew could handle such magic – not even Helenya… at least not with her magic sealed. So how she had ended up like this was currently a mystery; and regardless, it left her with a major problem… and that problem quickly pushed her favorite curvy breeding sow onto her back. The libido of this Salune was never-ending… and she knew where all of Zayla’s most sensitive spots were – and the nightmare creature had all of her erotic knowledge as well. So – this monster could easily make her feel far more pleasure than anything she had ever experienced so far; and deep down, a small part of Zayla kind of wanted that – despite how wrong almost every part of this was. The busty dark elf loved carnal pleasures… which was precisely how this nightmarish creature had been drawn to her – and it knew it could win her body over, even if her mind resisted.

The evil futa straddled her favorite dark elf… and sandwiched her fat, twitching cock between her massive, pillowly tits – and started to give herself a titjob. Zayla couldn’t even complain… she couldn’t even lift her arms up enough to reach anything – all she could do was stare at the evil grin of her partner as her curvy body was used like a sex toy. Salune loved her mistress’s breasts normally – and unsurprisingly, the nightmare version loved them even more; she had to try hard to restrain herself from wasting more of her seed as she pleasured herself… intent on using what she had left to properly breed her favorite breeding whore. Still though, she just couldn’t stop herself from toying with her favorite slut – and so the futa elf started to pinch Zayla’s large, stiff nipples – which instantly caused her milk to squirt out. The evil creature knew her milk was tasty… but if she stopped to have a taste, she would surely waste more of her cum; it would have to wait until tonight, when the futa would return to milk her pet dark elf… and feed her again – as she always did. She didn’t want their children to see their filthy whore of a mother… so she milked Zayla herself, and then brought the milk to their many children.

As a thick squirt of her spunk leaked out of her hard shaft, the nightmare mistress knew she had to stop playing with her pet’s boobs and start breeding her… even she had limits as to how long she could hold back. The evil futa elf released Zayla’s breasts, and pulled back a bit – before picking up the dark elf, rolling her over, and positioning her on her knees… in proper breeding position. Somehow, Zayla was able to stay like this, and hold up her heavy chest with her weak arms – likely because the nightmare creature wanted her to; and her pussy was positively sopping wet… and begging to be fucked. The evil Salune clone stroked her cock furiously, and rubbed her tip against Zayla’s nether lips as she teased her slave one last time. “I almost wish I hadn’t taken your voice away; I always got extra aroused from hearing you resist at first… and then beg for my cock soon after. But… no matter what that nasty mouth up there says – I know you love this; your slutty baby hole always tells me so.” Salune taunted her, as she thrust her thick rod deep inside Zayla’s eager, and waiting vagina.

Neither one of them could wait for things to really get going… so the nightmare mistress wasted no time – she started fucking Zayla’s defenseless pussy hard from the get go. The evil futa’s large balls slapped against her pet dark elf’s dripping wet hole constantly as she pounded her roughly – stuffing her hot, wet pussy fully with each thrust. Zayla moaned softly as she felt the massive, dominating shaft press into her cervix with each thrust – somehow never causing her pain… only great pleasure. In a moment of such unbridled passion like this, the dark elven mistress lost herself for a short time… and simply embraced the pleasure of what was in theory a rape; except that she didn’t want it to stop now… she wouldn’t let it stop, even if she had any control over her situation – she needed to cum too. Zayla’s large, milk-laden tits jiggled back and forth as she was fucked – letting out small squirts of her milk as they bumped her arms and chest. Within only a few minutes of them starting to have sex, both were on the edge of a massive climax – neither one able to endure such primal mating for long. However – Zayla was definitely going to get more out of this than just an orgasm; not that she was able to remember that in the moment… and it wasn’t like she would have been able to stop anyway. A moment later, the powerful futa let out a particularly deep moan as she stuffed her cock inside Zayla’s warm snatch, as deep as she could – where it promptly started to deliver it’s cargo of hot, thick cream… directly into Zayla’s magically enhanced womb.

As the first squirt of the black cum breached her cervix, the busty dark elf’s mind blanked with raw pleasure – far beyond anything she had ever felt before… it was euphoric and could easily be addictive – such was the power of the mark she had on her. Her mind went blank – and Zayla’s tongue lolled out as her blue eyes rolled back into her head – and she even let out animalistic moans of pleasure, while her nightmarish tormentor continued to pound her sloppy pussy and breed her further. Salune released spurt after spurt of her thick, powerful, and virile seed deep into her dark elven breeder’s perfectly fertile womb – intent on impregnating her yet again… preferably with several offspring… and even more preferably, futas like her. Zayla’s belly visibly bulged as the thick black spunk filled her womb full in seconds, and then quickly started to bloat it – while small amounts started to leak out of her cunt, despite it being stuffed full of Salune’s extra thick penis. The nightmare creature’s huge testicles were pumping out impossible amounts of seed – packed with several times more sperm than usual… despite her cumming down Zayla’s throat minutes earlier. In this world, the evil futa was all powerful – and could do as she wished… so the curvy dark elf was totally screwed. Not that the amount of her cum mattered much, with Zayla’s womb enchanted, as it was – she was effectively guaranteed to get pregnant regardless of who, or what – fucked her.

The intense sensation coming from her belly only intensified once she hit the floor – and Zayla’s entire lower body was numb with pleasure… she couldn’t properly move anything below her waist at all now. Zayla could now think properly again… and quickly realized that the searing magical burn she could feel on her skin, and the unbelievable pleasure she had just experienced had to be the power of the seal on her belly – the raw power of the infamous and legendary “Fertile Climax”. But… that meant that the dark elf had just been impregnated by the evil futa – since that seal more or less guaranteed pregnancy, and it only released pleasure like this when the wearer had been fertilized. Maybe this was why the busty elf couldn’t stand up in this nightmare world… the mark had already done too much damage to her body. With the little presence of mind she had left by now, Zayla was horrified… and tears filled her eyes; but she could only barely move her upper body a bit – enough to turn and look at the nightmarish futa elf as she turned and headed to the door of Zayla’s cell. She had hundreds of other bitches to breed… even if they weren’t nearly as good as her prize dark elf. Salune couldn’t just spend all day fucking her favorite slut… well, she technically could -but she didn’t want Zayla to totally snap, so she had to space it out a bit; it also wasn’t much fun to fuck her when she was passed out, anyway.

The evil Salune gave her prize breeder a rude gesture, and casually teased and threatened her as she left – “Try and focus on conceiving properly for the next couple hours – I expect twins or better from you by this point, slut. Oh, and you better finish your ‘food’ before I come back to give you your ‘dinner’ and milk you. Otherwise, mistress is going to spank you extra hard… and then fuck your whore ass until it gapes even more than it already does.” Zayla wanted to scream… to refute the futa elf’s taunts, anything – but her voice had been sealed away… there truly was nothing she could do like this; she was totally at the mercy of this horrific monster – with her unending lust… and massive cock. She knew this was just a bad dream… it had to be a dream… but knowing that made no difference; Zayla had no way out of this mess – she had no choice but to obey… and be used. Pitifully, her body still wanted more… even now, after having her womb and stomach packed full of that bitter, tarry cum – she found herself craving more. Even if it was rape, even if she got pregnant, even if Zayla was living in a nightmare… it still felt really good. Worse yet, the more she tasted of the nightmare’s pleasures, the more she wanted.

And so, this pattern continued for what felt to Zayla like weeks, maybe even months – it was impossible to keep track after a while. Every few hours she was woken up and either fed, milked, fucked hard, and/or filled with cum by someone – usually her alleged “Mistress”, the strange, evil, and powerful version of Salune… but also sometimes goblins, orcs, beasts, and even other slaves. Since Salune was now certain that her prize pet was already pregnant with her child, there was no longer a reason not to share her with others… and she even came by to watch much of it – it was always fun to watch Zayla moan, whine, and usually even squirt from being pounded so hard by filthy, desperate, and worthless males. With those magic tattoos on her body, she just couldn’t help herself. The dark elf’s reactions were also likely a result of the magical tattoos on her body – but it was entertaining to watch, regardless. After what felt like an eternity of being treated like a worthless fucktoy by all sorts of creatures – something slightly different occurred; Zayla had lost consciousness when the Nightmarish Salune forced her fat cock all the way into her throat one night, and proceeded to leave it in while she came. The dark elf struggled and tried to tell her so called “Mistress” that she was actually choking… but Salune didn’t really care – this dream futa elf was effectively an embodiment of lust… and only cared about her own pleasure.

Fortunately for her though – after waking up from seemingly suffocating while being forced to suck an evil Salune’s dick, she awoke to her normal bedroom… and the real world. Her body was back to what it should be… and the various tattoos were gone; though, she swore she could still feel her throat, pussy, and ass all hurt still – it was almost certainly her imagination… just a small holdover from her strange nightmare. She refused to acknowledge how she had given in to the pleasure in her nightmare – and attributed it to the creature she saw; it knew what her fears were, and it even used her skills against her. That whole thing she had experienced was disgusting – Zayla treated her slaves far better than she had been treated in there… although that was how some slave breeders treated their slaves, Zayla was not one of them. It was mostly due to the difficulty she had in acquiring new, high quality slaves… but also partly because of her genuine love of sex and pleasure. However, being forced to have children like that was also one of her greatest fears – female dark elves were highly sought after in human lands for their famous sexual skill and beauty. Zayla had most always been very careful not to risk any sort of pregnancy… especially in the past decade or two, at least when she could help it. Creampies were fun and everything… and a favorite of hers, but one of her infertility potions could quickly and easily render anything within twenty-four hours almost totally safe – nothing was guaranteed, of course… but it was 99% safe.

It wasn’t the fear of birthing a minotaur, or anything like that – although that would be particularly bad; she just didn’t want the responsibility and weight that came with having a child yet. To the dark elves, having a daughter to inherit their mother’s estate was quite literally the single most important thing to have – but as the second born daughter, Zayla was unlikely to get anything. And despite her best efforts so far, her current wealth and assets were rather pitiful in comparison to her mother’s… or her older sister’s. She did not want to have a daughter until she had something to leave to her – and she also did not want to waste her time with a son; male children of dark elven families were generally only considered as assets to be married, or even given away – to arrange alliances, or appease a greater family. If she were to have a son, it would be effectively pointless for her, and yet there was no way Zayla could simply get rid of her child… it would still be hers, after all. Zayla was an elf, however – and she had centuries of fertility left… there was no rush. However, that nightmare left her with a strange need to go and cuddle the real Salune for a bit… and even give her some nice cowgirl sex – just to make them both feel better. The busty dark elf had no idea what caused her nightmare, but she was glad that she would never have to see that nightmare clone of Salune again… or would she?

The end…? ~Nightmare Salune will return… when you least expect it.~

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