August is here, and so are some new polls.

Hey. This is a bit later than I had hoped, but I am back with the new polls and prior poll results – for what those even were. There were two polls last time – one asked if you were looking forward to more story sets… and there was only one vote; but at least it was a positive one… so I guess that is something. The other poll asked what sites/pages of mine you check regularly – and there were only two voters… but slushe seems to have won out in that with two votes, compared to one for the main site here and one for DA. (Slushe is basically my new side posting site now – since DA has just completely shit itself with the “new” layout.) I have no idea why nobody wanted to vote in those… it really would have been helpful; I am rather unmotivated regarding what I wanted to do now – but we will see what happens.

As for the new polls – there are two again; both are revisits of old polls… to see how things have changed. The first asks how much text/dialogue you prefer in your adult scenes, and the second poll asks which of the given options you think are the most important parts of an adult scene… and you can pick your top three (3). Please let me know your thoughts on those, and I will see what ends up happening in the coming days; I do not know what the weather has in store for the near future – the hurricane is currently affecting my area still, and I don’t know how long that will go on.

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