Prior mini-set renders done at last; new preview posted/coming shortly.

Hey. I know I am running really late this time – but I did finally finish the mini-set renders from the Lucia/Foxgirl mini-set. (I named her Nylavi by the way – and I plan for her to appear in later content in some form… much like Delfina; I will see about adding entries for them over on the “Characters” page sometime soon.) Side note, I had a strange amount of issues with this mini-set… several things that have either never happened before or happened very rarely started over the last few days – making this take a bit longer than I would have liked. I had… scratches(?) on one render – like… actual noticeable holes in the middle of the scene for no reason that I could discern… as best I can figure, there is some truly bizarre mesh problem with the hair that I am using for Nylavi – but I will check that and possibly fix it at a later date. (I have literally never even heard of this happening before… really strange – caught me totally off guard.)

Long story short, the mini-set ended up at 40 images total – and that just got sent out to appropriate patrons of mine a short while ago. I didn’t quite get all that i wanted to in with this mini-set… due to constant migraines, time constraints, and technical problems. However, that tends to happen at times, and especially when I am running so late to begin with… I do like how it came out though – despite all the constant/strange issues near the end. Also, I have been putting way, way too much in these “””mini””” sets for a while now… (these were originally supposed to be like 4-10 renders each…) but that is just how things tend to work out. 🙂 I already have a rough plan for the next mini-set preview… and I just hope that I can finish that in time; as I don’t have long to get that sorted. (Should be ok, I think – I already know what I want to do, which is usually the hard part.)

I also did post the second public preview for the bunnygirl/farmer mini-set from last time; that is over/down in the original post for that, and also on the master catalog. So check that out if you are interested… which you should be – it’s pretty nice. 🙂

Anyway – check back in a couple days for the new mini-set preview, and do check out my Patreon page if you like my work and want to consider supporting me and perhaps getting access to the current batch of mini-sets!

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