Some new previews of old things.

Hi again. I hope everyone is still safe/sane during this coronavirus mess. I am still working on the mini-set renders – and I need to redo one little bit in the patreon bonus render with Zayla in it; so it will still be a little longer on those. (I’ve had weather-related migraines for over a week straight now; so my progress has been limited.)

However, I came by to post a few old bonus mini-set previews that used to be exclusive to my Patreon page – from like a year ago, back when I first considered/tested posting two previews of each mini-set. These three previews somehow never got posted on here, or anywhere else that I am aware of – so I came by to post them on the master catalog, and also in the full version of this post linked below after the read more tag. (And also on slushe, etc.) They were exclusive on my Patreon for over a year – and I am sure they will do more good as public previews, now that the mini-sets in question are all long since retired. All modern second previews are posted publicly after a month or so… so it is high time these got posted too.

If you like any of these, consider buying the full mini-sets over on my gumroad, here: (more information on the mini-sets is over on the master catalog, here:

Also, check out my Patreon page for the current batch of mini-sets:

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