Previous mini-set renders finally done, new mini-set preview soon.

Hi again. Sorry this is a bit later than I wanted – but I managed to put a lot into the bunnygirl mini-set… 46 images in total! I even got to put in the one final bit that I usually have to leave out due to lack of time or energy. I think it all came out really nice, and I just sent that out to appropriate patrons of mine, along with the other current rewards. I will now move on the the new mini-set… and that will get done and posted in the next week or so sometime! I did go ahead and post the second preview for the previous month’s mini-set publicly – which in this case refers to the Faye/Delfina mini-set… so you can check out that second preview either in that original post for it below or over on the newly updated master catalog up top. 😀 (It’s really nice.)

In other news, things are going well so far with Poser Pro 11 (I finally upgraded earlier this month… I think I forgot to mention that here) – it is way faster to search with at the bare minimum, which helps a lot; we will have to see how the other improvements pan out as it goes. (The Poser software got a new/good owner last year… a rather stark contrast to what happened to DAZ several years ago – and that continuing downward spiral.)  I did also post the newly retired mini-set (the solo Tabitha bath one) onto my gumroad page, and I have the next one ready to go, as that will be retired in a little over week. There have been some votes in the polls – but more would really be nice; these in particular I would like responses to. I am also still leaning towards going ahead with that special offer soon-ish… but I will give that some more thought before the end of this month, and we will see what happens. I am also considering another small bonus thing for my patrons in the near future – so there is a lot of stuff in the possible column there. 🙂

Anyways, check back in a couple days for the new mini-set preview, and do check out my Patreon page if you like my work and want to consider supporting me!

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