Happy Easter, new DA/slushe stuff posted!

Hey again. I went ahead and finished/posted the new DA/slushe stuff – one of the two new images is the new one I made for Easter. (Which is why I chose to finish these now instead of later this month – and it is technically on time…) The other new side image is social distancing themed, and you can go check that out if you are interested.

For the random drawing I tried to do, none of the three winners replied within the three days – so I guess that just is not happening. I gave it more than a fair shot – three draws, multiple advance warnings, and plenty of time… not entirely sure what went wrong. Again, I am going to just hope/assume that the lack of responses is due to the coronavirus somehow… but it is still quite depressing. Due to this, I am putting off all other things like that until much later… when things will hopefully be better. (I tried.)

Regarding main rewards, that will likely be in another week or so; I wish I could say later this week, but I really doubt that will happen. I am still a bit behind and rather drained at the moment… but I will do the best I can. Things are just a bit messy right now due to the lockdown here and assorted issues I am having all around. I plan to take a day to recover a bit before going back to finish the mini-set renders. I will send out early rewards to any new patrons though… if that happens in the mean time.

Otherwise, I still am still planning to bring back my special offer from last year at some point soon – not sure when yet. Check back later and I may have more information on that… but it may even be next month, again – not exactly sure. I should be back again in a week or so with something either way.

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