Happy Valentines Day!

Hey again, Happy Valentines Day everyone! I came by with a tiny status update to let you all know that I did finish the other new stuff for today; that is all up on my DA/slushe pages (two totally new renders, some resposts) – and I also finished/posted the Patreon special bonus image and posted that a few days ago. So do check that out, and I hope you all enjoy that new content. I will now resume work on the renders for that Salune/tentacles mini-set, and try the animation some more after that gets situated. I should be back mid-next week sometime (maybe?) with some sort of update… we will see what happens. Otherwise, please do vote in the polls on the right – votes are rather low at the moment.

Also, final notice that my two current sales (commissions/gumroad) end tonight – so do check through the previous few posts for more details if you are interested in that. (As mentioned before, I have no further sale plans for either one in the near future after this.)

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