Status update: 2/10

Hi again. Sorry for the gap in posts – but I got a new mattress last week and lost two days worth of work on this due to the setup/delivery for that. I have been working on the animation as much as I can, though – and it is currently finishing the final render attempt that I will make for the full thing right now. It will likely run into tomorrow morning now, but I hope/think it might finally be fixed…? However, we will have to see how it ends up. If this attempt does not work, I will put this aside for the time being and finish the mini-set renders and the new DA/slushe stuff first – and likely get back to that later this month or something. (It takes over a day to render like… half of it, even with the limits; it is just too time consuming and I have other stuff that I want to finish before the end of the week – for Valentines day and such.) I do not want to just post the first half of the animation – since I do like what I have in theory… I will see what I want to do when it finishes. Again, sorry for the delay here – but I am trying an animation that is much longer and more complicated than any other that I have done so far; so that complexity and the sheer time required are really throwing me off schedule… especially with the real-life complications.

Also, the special poll on my Patreon page concluded last night – and Salune won that, so I will make a special/exclusive image of her and post that for my patrons soon as well. I also did go ahead and post an additional public preview for the final mini-set from last year – the Zayla/Minotaur one; that is now up over on the original post, the short story page, and the master catalog… so check that out if that set interested you! The full mini-set is still available to my mid-level patrons – and will be for a couple more months still. I also am currently planning to do one other special thing for my Patrons next month… but that is not final just yet; so I will wait to announce that until I am certain – but it likely is something that will interest people. 🙂

There are only a few days left for the assorted sales that I have going on as well; which is to say, the commission sale and the gumroad discount code that I mentioned before. (Check my previous posts for more details.) Those both end at the end of this week, on the 15th – so do be sure to take advantage of those if you are interested. (I do not know when my next sale on either thing will be, so this is likely your best chance for a while.) Anyway – please vote in the polls on the right, and I will be back later this week with something… I am not entirely sure what yet, but there should be new DA/slushe stuff at the minimum.

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