Status update: 11/23 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey again, and happy (early) thanksgiving everyone! Sorry this took so long, but I have been working on renders far more than usual so far this month and had a lot more to do… due to finishing the anniversary set a week and a half ago,and then finishing the drider mini-set this past week. Now I have to start on the mini-set for this month – to have that preview ready by late this week. Back to the recent mini-set though… long story semi-short, I finished the drider mini-set and it ended up at 36 images! I think it came out quite well – and I am sure people who are into the darker stuff and/or monsters will enjoy it. (As I said before, I am not usually into stuff this dark most of the time… but once in a while it can be fun, and allegedly a fair number of you like content that is dark like this… and/or monstergirls.)

As for other stuff, I do need to add these last two mini-sets to my catalog page… and add the latest retired one (two?) to my gumroad page; I will try to do that soon, I have just been very busy… and also have had a lot of headaches from this crazy weather. (I also want to post that VHQ render from the anniversary set to redbubble and DA soon.) I am also considering some sort of deal/sale/giveaway for next month… for the holidays and such. 🙂 I haven’t had time to properly figure that out yet though… so I will try and get that all set soon – maybe even do something for black friday. I will see what I can do/manage in the coming weeks, but I am very drained right now from doing all these renders this month… I am just hoping that I can get the next preview together before the end of the month at this point. Next month, there are the new DA/slushe images to think about as well… so that is a whole other thing coming up. Quick side note, all my patrons got an extra preview from the drider mini-set… and a hint as to the star of the upcoming one.

Anyways, please vote in the polls (votes are rather low at the moment) and do check back next week for that new mini-set preview and possibly some sort of black friday deal if I do decide to do one! (And/or check out all my assorted free content up top if you are new here!) Also, if you want access to other, newer content that I have made – like that drider mini-set, or just want to help support my assorted work, check out my Patreon page: Any support put forward (no matter how small) is greatly appreciated. 😀

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