“Short” story to go with the May mini-set preview, “Virtual Whore” posted!

Hi again. Sorry for the unexpected delay here – but my mother has not been doing well these past few days and I had to go over and help her out a fair bit… especially today. Quick note on the new polls, that will be done in the next day or two; I just can’t write that all that up now.

Long story short, I have finished the “””short””” story that goes with the May mini-set preview; and it is far more than I ever expected. As I said before, I basically wrote two short stories for this – the old sci-fi one that predated the mini-set, and then a newer fantasy one – that related to what was happening inside the game. I then tried to work in the newer, fantasy story into the middle of the sci-fi one; except that didn’t feel right and I ended up cutting most of the sexy sci-fi bits from the narration since I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to with that in the actual mini-set – it is essentially just a framework now for the fantasy bits, which are the focus of the narrative below. (Most of you seem to prefer fantasy settings anyway… so it works out; this is almost certainly far more interesting for an erotic story anyway.)

I made a new post for this as it is very different in content than the mini-set; and I felt this was long/different enough to make a new post, with new tags. A word of warning, this is over 8000 words – and features a very large chunk of beast content… with the Wolf Queen and her pets; so that may really interest some people when it might also turn others away. (Check the tags to know what this contains… though that does not show the amount, only the content types – at least it’s something.) Again, much of this is not currently represented visually in the mini-set… but that may change as per usual. As I said, I have gone way past overboard with both the mini-set and the story for this… but at least the story is done now.

The original post for this preview was here: https://redleatherart.com/wp/?p=2541 but I will repost the preview and the summary here for convenience. (The preview repost is under the story title after the “Continue reading…” break.)

In the not so distant future, a young girl – Rebecca, volunteers and is chosen to help a famous technology company test their new “full immersion” virtual reality gaming system; and she gets far more than she ever bargained for during the test – in more ways than one! The new immersion system turns one of her favorite adult-themed massively multiplayer retro-fantasy games, “Whore Quest: Challenge of the Bitch Queens”, into a sexual playground – where everyone and everything wants to (and does) fuck her senseless; and she can feel it all as if it was really happening. (Her consciousness is effectively transferred into the game – and therefore, all her senses with it.) The scientist in charge has locked her inside the game… and drained her stats, but made her immortal – which left her at the mercy of pretty much everything in there; which seems harsh, but it was necessary in order to fully test her new system – plus, Rebecca did technically agree to it when she signed the contract for the test. Poor Rebecca hasn’t even considered what may be happening to her real body while she has been in there (which is a long list) –  as Rebecca’s character has gone though much worse inside the game… and who knows what else may be in store for her. 😀 (Important life lesson – always read the fine print and never sign anything unless you do.)

So anyways… here it is, after the break below – for the brave and/or truly devoted among those who actually check my site and read this stuff; here you are – my largest short story to date. It may be great, or it may be awful… but that is not really for me to decide. If anyone out there (besides the ones I sent it to) read the whole thing, I would love to know what you thought and/or if anyone liked it… I know it is long, but I felt like it was on a roll so I just kept going – and then a friend found out about it and asked me to expand on the Wolf Queen section… so I did. (She knows who she is – and I hope you appreciate this…) I have no real excuse as to how long this is… but like half of it is the expanded Wolf Queen bit – so that is mostly what I have been doing when I could over the past few days. I will go over this once more in a day or two when I post the new polls, but I am far too tired right now to check it again; so I am just going to post it as it is now… sorry if there are any minor issues in there somewhere. I hope at least some of you out there enjoy it. 😀

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~Virtual Whore~

Rebecca was barely able to contain her excitement as she parked her hoverbike in the grungy parking lot behind the building. She was going to be the first real test subject of a super fancy new virtual reality interface; which would enable all kinds of epic new games and activities… especially in this case. Rebecca had been chosen out of thousands of applicants to test out the beta version of the “Cyber Chair 2150X” – the new and updated version of the standard full VR interface that most places currently had. This new version was extra special (and expensive) though; as it now incorporated the most frequently requested features… which effectively turned it into a fully interactive VR/sex machine. (As one would expect, games/VR often turned sexual in nature – and therefore many companies rushed to make/sell new ways to “play” sex games.)

Cyberdong LLC was sick of all the problems and assorted “incidents” (pregnancies, diseases, malfunctions) that all the old third party sex add-ons caused with the old 1000 model – not to mention concerned that so many other companies and people were making money off of their hardware. So for the past five years, Cyberdong put it’s head scientist in charge of a priority project; to make a superior version of their incredibly successful “Cyber Chair 1000R” that was also ‘fully interactive and compatible’ with all the most popular adult games and applications. Fortunately for them, their head scientist was Dr. Anne Borschov – a legendary and widely revered scientist and pioneer in advanced VR tech; who had also been on the team that made the original model. (She also designed and created the most popular modular dildo that was used widely by many female gamers with the old 1000 chair.)

She had now finished what she believed to be her masterpiece – and created and perfected the new concept/functionality of “full immersion” – which she hoped that all new VR games would soon use. Old VR tech simply showed video and audio to players and translated real world movements into the game… with some minor feedback on occasion. Her new VR chair not only had a full compliment of sex toys/functions built in, it featured tech that actually put you inside the game – it projected your consciousness into whatever you were playing. With “full immersion”, everything would feel as if it was really happening to you; including sex, of course – which was the previous model’s most used feature… and also happened to be the primary focus of Dr. Borshov’s efforts/research.

Upon entering the building, Rebecca was searched and then escorted up to the development lab… where she met Dr. Borshov and her small team of scientists and technicians. The doctor gave Rebecca her contract to read and sign while they finished setting up. Rebecca read the first page and a half or so, and it all seemed very standard and boring… she was giving her consent to the company to record and utilize the data from her test…. she was agreeing to test out most of the features of the system, including different many different types of sex… and she was not allowed to talk about any of this – either during or after… all the usual stuff. There was no point to reading through all twenty pages of this – so she just signed it and handed it back. This was a hasty decision that she would regret rather soon afterwards… if only for a while; but one that would give hundreds of thousands of others throughout the system great enjoyment. Her excitement and anticipation had blinded her to the potential danger… and she had just given the science team a blank check to do pretty much whatever they wanted to with her; and she agreed to never tell anyone about it – no matter what.

Rebecca was asked to strip naked and sit in the chair at this point – which was no different than normal VR at this point; people were regularly restrained so that they did not harm anyone or anything nearby… and to make monitoring them much easier. She was getting fully naked because this was an adult game; and any clothing tended to simply get wet/ruined anyway… at least with the old sexual immersion system – which was basically just having the VR chair mimic sexual actions in the game in reality on the restrained player’s body. This would in theory no longer be necessary – but Rebecca did not think through it enough to consider this; she just did as she was told – she was far too excited to worry about anything now. The science team took note as she removed her boots, extra-short shorts, tank top, as well as her matching lace thong and bra. Rebecca had a handful of tattoos, mostly sexual in design/nature – which made her selection for this beta test all the more fitting.

Rebecca sat in the char and the doctor came up and fondled her left boob a little as she attached the heart monitor to her subject. “I can tell you are really excited about this, dear. Don’t worry – I feel exactly the same way!” the doctor lovingly noted to her as she then engaged all the chair restraints on Rebecca’s arms and legs. “Thank you sooo much for choosing me for this doctor – I am honored to help you test this… I have been looking forward to trying it ever since I read the rumors about it!” Rebecca remarked as the doctor came back over with the eye tracking monitor. Dr. Borshov then smiled and leaned in before giving Rebecca a big kiss. “No… thank you darling – it’s girls like you that make my work so meaningful; I promise this will be better than anything you have ever experienced before… good luck.” the doctor replied as she attached the final sensors; the eye monitor and the brain wave bars that went around her subject’s head. Minutes later, she signaled her assistants to engage the system – and the test was starting; the chair matched and read Rebecca’s brain waves and transferred them into the system, and then finally into Whore Quest: Challenge of the Bitch Queens – a very popular adult-themed massively multiplayer retro-fantasy game with VR capabilities.

As the game started up, Dr. Borshov loaded in Rebecca’s existing Whore Quest character – Talis Nightsong; a high level Moon Elf Minstrel and semi-famous lone agent in the game – she was rather well known by its relatively small player base. (Most everyone had at least heard of her… for one of several reasons.) One of the reasons she chose Rebecca for this was that she had heard of her… “exploits” in the game – which is to say she had shown considerable sluttiness in public on more than one occasion. This sexual openness would be rather critical to all that they needed to test… but of course this would be quite different; fucking something crazy in a game on a screen is very different than doing it in real life – which is what this will be like for her now. They needed someone who was familiar enough with sex in both reality and the game – so that their mind and body would not break during the testing period… and Rebecca had all the traits they were looking for. She was young, female, very fertile, pretty slutty, and most importantly; Rebecca had no close/immediate ties that would come looking for and/or asking about her if she were to just… disappear.

The doctor had Rebecca wander around for the first day – doing silly little tests to ensure the basics of the system were working and holding steady; and to check that there were no unexpected conflicts between her test subject and the new immersion system. Dr. Borshov asked Rebecca to test a handful of simple things – basic movement, basic combat, a bit of magic… things that nobody really cared about. This was easy, as the Cyberdong R&D team had paid the creators of Whore Quest a fair sum to be given full admin access to the game… after promising to only use it responsibly in relation to their testing/development of the new Cyber Chair 2150X. After all the basics were confirmed to be working, she finally got around to asking Rebecca to masturbate; to test out the system of course. She was alone in the middle of the Bluefern Woodlands – nobody would see her; except the doctor and her team of course… but Rebecca did not even hesitate and removed her armor and began to roughly finger her in-game elven pussy. It felt good… really good – almost better than real life; perhaps because of her already great sexual skill levels in Whore Quest.

“We need a full reading darling – get yourself off for us, please.” a voice message from the doctor told her as she was just thinking how… insufficient this was; but this was her job here, so she did as requested. Rebecca moaned rather loudly as she fantasized about taking some of the larger cocks she had seen previously in the game right now… when she could fully enjoy it – and that combined with her great masturbation skill was enough to get her off. Her moon elf let out a howl as she had a surprisingly strong orgasm in the game… and the readings that the Cyberdong team were getting from her were just incredible – everything seemed to be working right. Dr. Borshov walked over and felt Rebecca’s body… it was flushed and shaking – everything was better than she hoped it would be. She then crouched down and put a few fingers in Rebecca’s pussy – it was soaked and hot… she really was the perfect test subject for this; and the doctor was beside herself with excitement.

As Rebecca’s moon elf was trying to get her armor back on, she felt her legs quiver and give way for a moment… almost bringing her to the ground; this was caused by the eager Dr. Borshov giving her real body some unexpected love -by skillfully licking her wet and itching pussy in the real world. This was the true genius of the system she had designed – that it allowed for full translation of in game feelings in addition to to the transfer of real life sensations. Rebecca of course had no idea this was what was going on… she simply assumed that her orgasm was so strong that she needed a bit longer to recover – even though she had never had her legs stay shaky for that long before… either in game or out. “Wonderful job so far, dear… but there is much more to do – please hold yourself together until then… I know it must be hard when you are so excited; but trust me, things are just getting started!” the doctor encouraging words made Rebecca redress even faster – and she could barely contain herself as she checked herself over while awaiting her next task.

Then it was finally time to really get things going. The doctor messaged Rebecca to go to one of the nearby end-game bosses, the Wolf Queen, Raleska; the second weakest of the titular “Bitch Queens” – to give the main aspects of the system a test. The strength of the game’s queens went as follows: the weakest on was the Slime Queen, then the Wolf Queen, followed by the Goblin Queen, the Lizard Queen, the Orc Queen, the Dragon Queen, and finally the Demon Queen was the strongest. Rebecca ran there without hesitation; she had fought and beaten the Wolf Queen dozens of times before; and enjoyed many a night with her pussy smashed in the face of the beaten Queen – having her use her feisty and rough tongue to eat her out.

The Wolf Queen relied on her large supporting mobs of regular wolves to fight – she herself was nothing especially dangerous; her pet dire wolf, Big Knot, was normally the only notable threat she had. Whore Quest players also often enjoyed violating the Queen after besting her… females often chose to mate with her pet dire wolf or even some of the regular ones instead – which Rebecca had done at least twice before in addition to forcing the Queen to eat her out. She always had a strange affinity for this boss… which was very much one way; and one that was about to make things extra interesting… at least for most people. Especially for everyone that was watching (or that would eventually watch) her test run.

Rebecca snuck past all the weak wolves by the cave entrance, not wanting to waste her time on them – and got to the Wolf Queen’s throne room rather quickly. She prepared to fight her once more – as she had many, many times in the past; unaware that she was unable to win this time. Dr. Borshov had drained her stats as she arrived in the throne room… and also made her immortal; so things would get very interesting from here on out. Rebecca ran out in the center of the chamber to challenge the Wolf Queen and initiate the boss fight, ignoring the dozens of weak wolves wandering around the chamber – as everyone always did. These wolves were never any threat normally; they did so little damage at this point in the game, and were mainly there to soak up hits for the Wolf Queen and interrupt spellcasters… as well as serve as set pieces for the throne room – players always focused on the real threats. Rebecca’s moon elf was more than strong enough to take her and all her pets on alone – at least previously. Except this time, one of the plain wolves ran up and nipped at Rebecca’s leg – and she just fell over.

This caught Rebecca completely off guard, and yet she was not even particularly worried about it… she actually kind of excited to get to try the new system so soon. Normally, this situation wouldn’t be that bad – players who were bested in Whore Quest were usually raped once or twice and then either killed (to make them respawn) or simply let go by nicer NPCs… players, on the other hand usually weren’t quite so forgiving much of the time. The problem here was that Rebecca’s character had built up tremendous negative reputation with the Wolf Queen… and that she could no longer die in the game; the Queen had years of frustrations to work out… and Rebecca was about to feel her pain. The Wolf Queen had hundreds of wolves in her cave… that were mostly male – and Rebecca had not bothered to kill any of them; which only now seemed like a very bad idea.

The ones that were close to her gnawed at her armor and ripped it all off; exposing her wet and vulnerable pussy. She could see all the male wolves surrounding her – their eyes were hungry, and their cocks stiff and throbbing at the sight and smell of her. Strangely, Rebecca was not really concerned or even worried despite being surrounded by dozens of lusty male wolves that were undoubted about to fuck her senseless. She seemed to think this was all part of the test… which it was – and she did not realize that this cave and these wolves would be her daily life for the next three months. Raleska snapped her fingers three times – and thus signaled her beasts to begin “playing” with their new toy… and they did so with great enthusiasm and arousal. The many desperate males fought each other desperately as each struggled to get his needy cock inside their new fucktoy.

As an experienced slut and Whore Quest player, Rebecca happily let the first wolf plunge his fat animal cock inside her wet cunt; and she opened wide to take the first of many doggy dicks in her mouth as well. She skillfully sucked off the first wolf, and swallowed his considerable load of cum; while the one fucking her pussy kept trying to properly breed her from her current position on her back. He couldn’t fully insert himself like this… but her pussy was so warm and wet that he came from just fucking her halfway. The lucky wolf blew a substantial load in her vagina – not nearly deep enough to cause a pregnancy or even feel particularly good for Rebecca. She enjoyed how this was going so far – but she needed to do more; both for herself and for the test of the new full immersion system… so she rolled over and got on her knees, while lifting her ass up to be bred hard like a proper bitch. This made the wolves very happy – and her mouth and pussy were immediately stuffed with new, fat cocks; from wolves that were already struggling not to blow their loads inside their newest plaything.

Before long, both cocks blew their warm seed inside Rebecca – she could feel the warmth spread deep inside her pussy, this time easily reaching her womb. She savored the blast of heat that she felt surge inside her depths, as she felt him try desperately to knot her – which she was more than willing to allow. (She had done it before.) Rebecca felt the one wolf’s knot swell and tie her to him as he continued to flood her womb with his thick seed – only to have her attention immediately turn to the salty blast that now filled her mouth. She hadn’t been trying hard to service the wolf she was sucking off – but apparently whatever she did was more than enough, and he came even more than the first one… or perhaps it just seemed that way since this one put it all in her mouth for her to taste.

Being an experienced whore already – she coaxed every drop of his seed out; and swallowed all of it… much to everyone’s delight. Both Raleska and Dr. Borshov’s science team were vigorously masturbating as they watched Rebecca fuck all the wolves… it was all the science team could do to keep monitoring the test and not just break out into an orgy. Dr. Borshov was deeply jealous of her subject as she fingered her soaked pussy – she was deeply looking forward to trying this system out herself… likely also on the Wolf Queen and her assorted pets – it looked so very hot. She could only imagine the pleasure Rebecca was feeling… which was immense.

The wolf knotting her pussy continued to cum for a couple minutes before then trying to pull out – but it would be five more minutes before he actually could. In the mean time, Rebecca eagerly started blowing her third wolf – and giving another a handjob. The slutty minstrel came several times as she proceeded to please every male wolf at least once… though some took several turns. This intense mating went on for several hours – until she had single-handedly serviced all of the Wolf Queen’s wolves… except one. Her belly, womb, and ass were all positively stuffed with wolf spunk – but her belly and her womb much more so than her ass at this point; only a few wolves that were too horny to properly breed her used her ass… but this last one would address this imbalance.

“Big Knot… break this slut’s ass for me – no mercy.” the Wolf Queen said, desperately trying to hide her great anticipation as she continued to masturbate openly. This was what usually killed off most female players who lost to the Wolf Queen… if they didn’t manually log out after being fucked by the wolves; having one of their holes resized by her massive pet usually finished them off. Of course, seeing this on a screen and watching some numbers go up was completely different than having to actually endure it; which is what Rebecca would have to do – she had no way to escape… though she did try.

The dire wolf walked down the steps of the Wolf Queen’s throne and approached Rebecca – as she desperately tried to stand and run away… she had done plenty here already and did not think she should take the dire wolf’s cock without damaging something. However, as she started to hobble away on her shaky, cum covered legs, she was driven to the floor again by some massive flush of pleasure that she could not understand or place – nothing was happening to her in the game right now… and yet she felt like she had just had another, super strong orgasm. What she did not know was that the Cyberdong science team had engaged the second part of their test… which was the comparison and even combination of in game pleasure with real life pleasure. The feeling she could not place inside the game was a massive horse-sized dildo that had been shoved in her real pussy; and the initial sensation from being stuffed so full, so quickly – had caused her real body to orgasm, and the pleasure from that went right into the game due to the advanced Cyber Chair 2150X. The massive dildo then started to piston – making sure that she stayed right where she was… Doctor Borshov needed more data from this; and she also wanted to test the full capabilities of the chair itself – in theory it was the ultimate pleasure station, and even capable of caring for it’s user even if they were in the game for months at a time… which Rebecca would be.

Rebecca was once again on all fours, shaking uncontrollably from the pleasure feedback coming from her real body – and this left her defenseless and ready for Raleska’s pet to teach her a lesson she would never, ever forget. His large body pinned her to the ground, as his hot, twitching penis prodded around her sloppy nethers for the proper hole – even though Big Knot loved fucking the pussies of his toys, his mistress was very specific this time… and he always obeyed her. Only a minute later, Rebecca could feel a massive, searing hot form rip her fairly experienced asshole open as never before. The stretching from his massive canine cock was usually enough to finish off most all female players… but unfortunately for Rebecca, she wasn’t going to get out of this so easily – since her moon elf could no longer die, she was trapped here at the mercy of the Wolf Queen and her many devoted pets that she had previously bested and even abused countless times before.

Overpowering pleasure from both her real and virtual bodies clouded her mind and shut out anything else… and came close to making her black out; the science team had to tone back her pussy fucking a bit to keep her stable – they had apparently underestimated the raw sexual power of the dire wolf since only two of them had ever actually played Whore Quest before. (One was Doctor Borshov.) Big Knot’s massive wolf cock was the largest thing Rebecca had ever felt inside her – in game or not… and she was on the verge of snapping from the raw, overpowering pleasure. The stretching alone caused a huge squirt of wolf cum to gush out of her pussy, just from the displacement caused by such a fat dick. The large beast fucked her hard and fast – pounding her ass as best he could; any major damage only prevented by the previous wolves’ cum that was lubing her butt. Barely five minutes in, Rebecca felt what she knew was coming… his legendary knot was forcing itself inside her abused asshole; and there was no way that this was not happening at this point – so she did her best to relax.

His cock alone was as big as her arm… and his knot felt like there were two massive fists trying to rip her poor asshole apart; she could barely take this – even with all her prior experience. The real showstopper though, was his unbelievable cum… her intestines were slowly filling up with hot, super virile dire wolf spunk; that Rebecca really wanted elsewhere… either in her pussy or in her mouth – she really wanted to know what he tastes like. She didn’t have to worry though, as she would find out very shortly. Rebecca screamed and struggled as her ass was stretched far beyond the limits of what most girls could or would take… and it just kept going. Her belly was bloated like a fully pregnant woman just from the sheer volume of his powerful seed that was filling her ass and everything beyond.

The whorish moon elf moaned and contorted as she desperately tried to better accommodate the dire wolf’s massive dick… but this only caused them both more pleasure; leading Rebecca to let out a massive squirt from her thoroughly fucked and creamed pussy. Raleska laughed hard and clapped as she watched her longtime foe squeal and cum hard as she was being mercilessly fucked by her pet; but truth be told, she was actually even a bit jealous at this point… this moon elf seemed to be enjoying her pet more than she was really comfortable with. What few people realized, was that the Wolf Queen truly loved her pets… and that she did fuck them all herself quite often; as she was usually never visited by players and needed something to do – which made them love her back. Something about this upset her deeply… having someone else actually enjoy being fucked by her pets so much; so she called her beloved Big Knot back to her with a whistle. The dire wolf quickly turned and ran back up the steps to her; dragging his knotted bitch with him, and making a long trail of wolf cum from doing so.

The wolf queen then kissed her favorite pet and reached down to help him release himself from this worthless whore… so that he could play with her instead. Her magic took effect quickly, and his knot shrank down and flopped out of Rebecca’s ass – letting her flop to the stone floor in a puddle of his spunk. Raleska then leaned back on her throne and motioned her pet to take his place on top of her – which he did with no hesitation; her throne was quite literally made to better allow her pets to fuck her. Due to his raging hormones, Big Knot was still hard despite just destroying Rebecca’s butt – and he lovingly stuffed his huge cock back where it belonged… inside his Queen’s loving pussy. Rebecca could do little more than lay there and watch as the Wolf Queen showed everyone that her pets loved her most of all; which nobody really doubted anyway – but nobody was going to stop her now.

The completely and thoroughly defeated moon elf could do nothing but watch helplessly as the Wolf Queen effortlessly took her pet’s cock into her cunt – as few women could or would… and she was still cripplingly aroused for some reason she could not understand. This was of course due to the fucking cycle on her real body nearing it’s end… the pistoning was increasing in tempo and intensity for a few moments before proceeding to inseminate her. Rebecca would never have wanted or consented to this, of course – but unfortunately she had already signed the contract that she didn’t fully read; which gave the R&D team her permission to test the chair’s full function… including impregnating and then caring for it’s occupant throughout her pregnancy. There was no way to even know who the father was going to be… or even what race the resulting children would be – it didn’t really matter, so Dr. Borshov and her team didn’t care to control the specifics; a slut like Rebecca would probably just end up having some random guy’s children later on anyway… so in a way she might as well start now.

Doctor Borshov got her necessary biological materials (mostly semen) where they were cheapest… and an old friend of hers downtown at the sperm bank said that there were huge tanks of random sperm that nobody would miss; so she sold them to Cyberdong for a few credits just to free up the space. There had beed a massive surplus of semen donated recently – likely related to the recent influx of mostly alien workers back to Earth after the Mars economy collapsed… which meant that Dr. Borshov had a lot of cheap protein to feed Rebecca with – as well as seed her with.

The fat dildo in her defenseless pussy blew a full gallon of random donor spunk inside her – and since the dildo was so long and thick, most of it was trapped inside her womb and vagina… effectively ensuring impregnation. The doctor also gave Rebecca a quick injection of an industrial-strength fertility booster… just in case. The pleasure sensations they were detecting were massive – and previous test subjects of just the chair alone usually blacked out at this point. Of course, they would seed Rebecca’s restrained body every day for two weeks… just to make extra sure that she got pregnant – they had more than enough semen to do it.

Meanwhile, in the game – poor Rebecca was still feeling waves of pleasure and heat and had no idea why… it was enough to keep her from getting up – and almost enough to get her off again. Enough was enough… Rebecca now wanted to leave and take a break at least; this was surely enough of a beta test for a first try; so she tried to send a text message to the doctor to pull her out of the system. There was no response, even several minutes later – she was stuck laying in a puddle of wolf cum while watching Raleska take a large creampie from Big Knot. She desperately tried to beg the Wolf Queen to just let her go – but only now did she realize that her voice chat was disabled… and if her test messaging was not working either, then she couldn’t communicate with anyone… in game or out!

She could make noises and moan, but never form words… this was really awkward. Only now was Rebecca afraid – and only now did she worry about what might happen to her if she was stuck in here. “If you understand you new place, bitch – clean me up.” the Wolf Queen sneered as she spread her pussy to Rebecca’s face… showing her the massive amount of Big Knot’s semen that was still flowing out. The moon elf minstrel had little choice – she whined softly as she licked up the dire wolf’s warm, superior semen… that she desperately wanted to feel in her pussy. Perhaps if she behaved and properly served Raleska, then she would treat her better… or at least let Rebecca “play” with Big Knot more often.

“Good girl… you’ll enjoy it here, trust me; I never get tired of all these cocks… and I am more than happy to share with you – within reason.” Raleska assured her as she stroked Rebecca’s black braids as she moaned lustily from her new sex slave’s skilled first attempt at eating her out. The Wolf Queen then leaned down and put a black leather dog collar on her new sex slave as she reminded her, “Not a day will go by that you don’t get stuffed with virile wolf seed; and I can’t wait to see how many puppies you have for me…” Rebecca froze as she heard the Wolf Queen mention puppies – she had totally forgotten about that; she was probably already pregnant from all this sex… and she had no way to undo it from in here!

As one would expect, sex was an incredibly common occurrence in Whore Quest – and pregnancies could and often did happen, even with beasts and monsters. Generally, though – pregnancies were only between willing players and at times between players and humanoid NPCs; only the filthiest of whores ever actually had monster or bestial children… but there were at least a few players that reportedly had done so. Rape from monsters/beasts was exceedingly common though, so usually female players took infertility potions and/or spells to use on their adventures… which Rebecca had long since stopped bothering with – since she never normally lost anyway, it was just a waste of slots. She usually just went to the temples in town and had herself cleansed for almost nothing… which always worked before. These items and spells could completely stop any pregnancy early in the process… but would not work several months in.

Plus, pregnancies in the game took just as long as real ones… so normally, the only way you would give birth to something in Whore Quest is if you wanted to. Only now that she was being filled with hundreds of wolves’ worth of hot, virile seed each day, did she regret not preparing for this possibility… especially since the doctor seemed unwilling to help her out of this mess. Ironically – deep down, Rebecca was actually kind of turned on by this though; she was looking forward to feeling more of this intense pleasure and having all these thick wolf cocks all to herself… and even to having puppies once or twice. She was sure this was all necessary to test the new VR system, and that everything was still fine; so she may as well enjoy herself. It was only a game after all… there was no real harm in anything she did in here – right? Nobody else would ever see this… so it was fine; it’s not like this was real or anything – she would never have puppies in real life… at least not willingly.

Three full months later, after Rebecca’s virtual belly started noticeably swelling with wolf pups, and she constantly serviced the Wolf Queen’s wolves from the pillar she was chained to in her throne room. Rebecca was still shockingly accepting of her life in here… she had no idea how long it had been or what was even really happening – every day was the same to her, so it was all a bit of a blur. Every day her and the Wolf Queen fucked all the wolves in the cave… several times at least. She didn’t even realize that it had been three full months – despite her early pregnancy bump. “You are still nowhere near worthy enough to bear Big Knot’s young, you filthy elven whore. However, if you behave yourself and please me and my wolves for long enough – I may permit you to have his puppies… after you have a few litters of regular ones to show your resolve.” Raleska said to a cum-covered Rebecca, as she lovingly stroked her pet’s massive and  throbbing shaft.

The elven Minstrel could do little more than nod quickly… as she couldn’t really focus due to currently being double knotted by regular wolves – one in her pussy and one in her ass; they had since found a way to double penetrate their bitch, and did so frequently now to save time… and to please her. These constant gangbangs with the wolves gave Rebecca more sexual pleasure than she had ever had before – in game or out… and because it was a game, her holes could constantly recover from the constant stretching, mostly caused by Big Knot’s impressive dick. Rebecca’s moon elf positively reeked of wolf spunk… and she was effectively surviving on a combination of that and occasional meat scraps that were brought to her; but at least she was getting a lot of protein for the babies she was carrying. The game was about to award her the secondary class of “Bitch” for her slutty, beast-loving behavior when fate intervened; but not in a way anyone involved so far would like.

Several adventurers had come to try and best the Wolf Queen since Rebecca had taken up residence there – but somewhat ironically, her presence made them many times stronger. Whore Quest boasted a fully living world – one in which monsters, NPCs, and even bosses could grow stronger; usually from winning fights or sex – with no limits. The Wolf Queen and her wolves had been fucking Rebecca all day, every day for months; and due to Rebecca’s high level, this quickly gave the wolves and their Queen several times more power than they had before. All the adventurers that came before now had failed spectacularly – a few of the females were raped by the wolves before being finished off and respawning… and these wins made them stronger still. At least, until one day when a proper party of players came, intent on putting the Wolf Queen back in her place after hearing about her strange, newfound power. Raleska was almost more powerful than the Lizard Queen now – she had effectively gone up two full tiers.

The experienced guild made short work of the lesser wolves – despite them being several times stronger than they were used to. As the guild finished their fight with Big Knot, Rebecca tried to help protect some of the younger males that stayed by the pillar she was chained to, in order to try and protect her… but a fireball killed them in an instant – and should have killed her as well; except that she was still immortal. As the leader of the group raped the Wolf Queen’s defiant ass, the rest of them looted the throne room and then proceeded to wonder what the hell Talis Nightsong was doing in here… naked, chained up, covered in wolf cum, and pregnant. They tried asking her to explain herself… but she couldn’t answer – so they simply assumed that she was here willingly; and that she was an even bigger whore than they had heard – which was shocking. (Rumors of her fucking an entire tavern persisted among the lusty player base… and in actuality, it happened more than once.) There was really no other explanation for her being there in such a state as fas as they knew; (the beta test was top secret) and they hated to ruin her perverted and submissive quest – so they decided to all take turns banging her… before taking her with them as a sex slave.

Initially, this intrigued Dr. Borshov and her team – a chance to check the sex readings from other players in the game… but their excitement quickly faded as the reading they were getting were almost embarrassing compared to before. Even double penetrating Rebecca’s real body while she was being gangbanged by the players in the group wasn’t enough to reach even half of what she had achieved in the Wolf Queen’s Lair… mostly from Big Knot. There were a few interesting moments here and there – they once loaned her out to a village for a few days and let her get raped by every male and futa around… which numbered in the thousands. They even entered her in several contests – including cum guzzling and blowbang competitions; but even though she won every challenge and made them money, this was not giving the science team any good data that they did not already have. After a month of giving this a chance, the team knew that something needed to be done to get the test back on track; so… the doctor decided to intervene a little bit.

While the guild group was traveling back to the northern capital, Dr. Borshov used her admin privileges in Whore Quest to spawn a massive group of black orcs – the nastiest kind in the game; that even regularly defied the orders of their queen. The players were wiped out in minutes; the men were killed and the women were brutally raped by the orc’s infamously thick and bumpy cocks… including Rebecca’s considerably pregnant moon elf. Most of the other girls all got finished off rather quickly and respawned after being pounded, resized, and thoroughly creampied by the orcs… only Rebecca and the leader’s girlfriend, Prys Dunoves, remained after the gangbang finished. The orcs then moved west and made a camp there – where they proceeded to raid nearby villages, as well as fuck and impregnate their new slave whores.

Almost every hour, an orc came into their tent to fuck one of them hard enough to break normal sluts – and this happened every day. The readings from this rough sex greatly pleased Dr. Borshov and her team; though it was still usually less than the original readings with the wolves. Sometimes, groups of orcs would come and fuck them… leaving their holes gaping and both of them too weak to move. After a short while, Rebecca finally earned her second class – “Whore”; the lowest and ironically most popular class in the game – due to her constant fucking with several partners/monsters… and never even taking payment. She was now permanently marked as a slut in the game – this second class selection was automatic and usually fairly permanent… everyone everywhere would know that she was just a whore deep down.

Prys got pregnant quickly from the potent orc spunk… and she was apparently enough of a slut to not just log out and escape; evidently, Prys was rather into this – or perhaps she wanted to try and save Rebecca… there was no way for her to check. At the very least, she didn’t have to actually feel and endure the massive, filthy orc dicks as Rebecca did. Their bellies both swelled as they were held there as fucktoys for four long months – eventually being joined by five other women that the orcs captured throughout their stay; who were also quickly inseminated. Prys’ guild tried to rescue her several times… but they were too weak to get past one or two orcs – and eventually gave up. Rescue seemed so unlikely… and they were sure they would be stuck as the orcs’ breeding whores for a very long time. This hardly mattered to Rebecca now though… as she had become shockingly used to being raped constantly over the past several months.

The girls could do little more than cuddle and kiss as they desperately tried to comfort each other between visits from the orcs… as well as occasionally suckle from their increasingly large and lactating breasts. The slave whores were fed from huge troughs of orc cum… mixed with bits of bread and whatever else they had leftover; which they had little choice but to eat. Breastmilk was the only thing they could make themselves… and the only thing they regularly had that wasn’t orc cum; and so the seven captive sluts learned to appreciate it immensely. Almost every day, Rebecca longed for her days with the Wolf Queen… where she at least felt loved by all of her many partners; the orcs made her feel like breeding stock… even if they did have huge cocks that got her off. The black orc chieftain in particular had taken a liking to Prys and constantly fucked her pregnant pussy with his huge, ribbed manhood; often causing her eyes to roll back into her head… and scream loud enough to wake the other girls.

On the other hand, things in the real world for Rebecca were rather similar – the science team had hooked up a feeding tube to her after the first day, which fed her a steady stream of the cheap semen that they still had huge tanks of, with some nutrient paste mixed in for extra nourishment. As the months passed, they also attached a milking pump to her newly enlarged and significantly lactating breasts. Rebecca had arrived to the beta test with B-cups… and she now had full D-cups; likely due to both the pregnancy and also the lactation boosting hormones that the team had been regularly injecting her tits with. (The doctor greatly enjoyed her breast milk and wanted to get more… so she saw no reason not to enhance her production.)

Other than the new bits, her body was regularly fondled and fucked by the chair; usually under the strict direction of Dr. Borshov – to test every possible combination of sensations from in game and out on Rebecca. They found that any actions on her real body seemed to have been amplified at least a bit when transferred to her virtual self… and honestly, the team was shocked that she had not completely broken yet. The levels of pleasure and brain readings they were getting were almost unprecedented – and possibly even dangerous; and yet they needed to keep going to check the limits of the system and be certain of the safety of future players.

Then one fateful day, an opportunity presented itself; a different band of orcs had teamed up with a large group of players to try and wipe out the black orcs that were robbing everyone – as they shouldn’t have even been there… and also perhaps rescue their sex slaves. There was a massive battle, and near total confusion in the orc camp – the whores were scared and unsure what to do at first. After a short while though, the other oldest slave told everyone that this was their chance to escape… and they needed no further encouragement. Rebecca however, did – as she was eight months pregnant… both in game and out; and she was too weak to walk from all the constant sex… on both of her bodies. Her friend helped her up and then had to help carry Rebecca out to the back gate… where the others were waiting. They ran out as fast as they could and split up – so that at least some of them would escape.

Rebecca and Prys were obviously the slowest… and sure enough, the orcs had noticed their disappearance and a couple orcs had come running after them after an hour or two. There was no way they could escape like this… it would have made the most sense for Prys to just leave Rebecca and get away herself; but that is not what she chose to do. Perhaps because she felt bad about the way her and her friends had treated the poor pregnant moon elf, she rushed to the river nearby and lowered Rebecca into it. Prys tried to push her out into the water – and managed to do so just as one of the orcs chasing them grabbed her from behind and pulled her back. After causing her five months of sexual slavery and rape… she had at least now helped Rebecca escape – at least as far as she knew; orcs were terrible swimmers and would not go after her. Prys would almost certainly return to being an orcish breeding slave; but Rebecca’s moon elf was quickly washed away by the river’s current… and she only survived because of her inability to die in the game.

She woke up in shallow water, somewhere in the woods on a riverbank – and crawled towards some stone stairs nearby. Rebecca had no idea where she was – she was too weak and tired to recognize the area… not that it really mattered much anyway; she couldn’t do much of anything anymore. As she sat up on the broken stone bricks, she heard something coming up behind her… and before she could even turn to look, she was tackled to the ground by a particularly ugly goblin with an already raging erection. He had been waiting to see if she would wake up – all the while stroking his cock in preparation; and once he saw her move, her ran over and proceeded to rape her beautiful, and now extra curvy, elven body while he had the chance.

Rebecca was unable to do anything but comply, as the goblin rolled her onto her back and stuffed his aching cock inside her tight, pregnant, and warm elven pussy; fucking her hard and fast – caring nothing for her pleasure or even the safety of her unborn children. The goblin was somewhat disappointed with her now slightly loose pussy; and tried to have her suck his cock instead… which went even worse. Rebecca was ready to pass out; she was in no condition to properly service anything… and he basically had to resort to fucking her face – which made her lose consciousness a few times. Days went by… but all Rebecca could remember was brief moments of being fucked by this one goblin – and his seemingly endless reserves of cum. Her pussy and mouth were constantly filled with his semen for a full day – but she only clearly recalled the start and end of it.

Before he came this time though, he pulled out of her throat and rolled her onto her side – and then proceeded to fuck her pussy this way; which seemed much better for everyone involved. Rebecca braced herself with one arm, while placing the other on her large belly, as it shook back an forth from the force of the surprisingly strong goblin’s pounding. Her purple elven tits sprayed milk everywhere as she was mercilessly fucked… and despite everything; Rebecca was still loving it. She had never felt pleasure before like she could now… and there was no real reason for her to stop it; as if she even could. The ugly goblin finally got off – blowing his thick load inside her abused, pregnant cunt; giving Rebecca near-blackout levels of pleasure… she couldn’t handle much more like this – the sensations from both worlds was just too much… even for an experienced slut like her.

Her unwilling affair with the goblin was cut short though, by nearby growls and a howl – which caused the goblin to leave Rebecca and run. Someone had caught the moon elf’s scent and was running to her as fast as they could. Rebecca was heavily pregnant, and had debuffs that would last for weeks due to all the rape/knockdowns – she could barely even stand anymore; never-mind fight or resist anything that wanted to have it’s way with her. What she did not realize is that she had basically gone in a circle now – and she was only two miles away from the Wolf Queen’s cave… and one of Raleska’s new scouting wolves had found her; and signaled the others nearby to come quickly. They were incredibly happy to find their bitch alive – and very excited to bring her back home in time for her to give birth to their puppies… if only so that they can impregnate her again and fuck her every few hours to grow even stronger.

A few eager wolves sniffed her a bit to make sure she was mostly ok, and then immediately proceeded to stuff their hard cocks in her holes. Once again, her mouth and pussy were full of thick dog cock – and strangely enough, Rebecca was almost happy to be back where she felt she now belonged. Despite everything, she felt quite attached to these wolves, Raleska, and especially Big Knot. The lusty beasts came quickly, filling her mouth and vagina with a huge burst of pent up seed… while two others desperately humped her lactating tits and her overly large pregnant belly in an attempt to get themselves off. After filling and covering their bitch with their spunk again, the wolves quickly began the process of bringing their Queen’s favorite fucktoy back to her. The wolves bit her ankles and began dragging her back to what was effectively her home now, the Wolf Queen’s cave; and all the fat doggy dicks and musty balls that she loved and missed so much.

Meanwhile, in the real world – her body was giving birth to twin girls, fathered by some unknown sperm donor – who was in all likelihood some poor, homeless alien refugee. Yet, this was far from the end for her… Dr. Borshov and her team needed a complete test of the system – which mean at least three full pregnancies, inside and out – to be sure the system worked without any issues. Rebecca’s assorted beta test footage would also make great material for the many public advertisements they would have to make for the Cyber Chair 2150X. After everything was perfected, and the system cleared for full scale production – Dr. Borshov planned to go in personally… and give Rebecca’s furry friends a try herself; perhaps even try having some puppies like her test subject… but not even she knew what she would do first in there. What she did know, is that this new model was going to make Cyberdong trillions of credits – and be a huge hit all throughout the galaxy; especially with it’s predominately female fanbase – and that she would be famous.

The End…?

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