Slight delays, Patreon rewards sent.

Hey. As the title suggests, and as many of you have probably noticed, I have yet to post any new content yet due to some real life crap and me adding to/fixing RTL 10 again. The final set ended up being 41 images, each with a story and clean version. I think it is a really fun set and I sent it out along with the other appropriate content to my patrons a short while ago. Apologies to my patrons for the slight delay there, but since RTL 10 is now 33% larger (and has some new tags/types of content in it), I think it was worth it; hopefully you will all agree.

Back to the general content topic, I need a few more days to get either the mini-set and/or the DA images done since I have spent the last three days (which was all the spare time I had last week) on fixing RTL 10 again. So if nothing else happens I should get something up in a few days. Also, the polls could really use some more votes; the top one has over double the votes of the bottom poll for some reason. These polls help me know what you all want and are basically all the feedback I get from most of you; so more votes would help. As for the main content item this month, don’t expect much here before the very end of the month; I want to give that as much time as I can for assorted reasons. (Patrons know the plan already and will get more, earlier previews.)

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