June plans, poll results and new polls!

Hey. I am back with the poll results, plans for this month, and new polls. First off the previous polls only got ten or so votes each; but at least the results were clear. People seem to either like or not mind the idea of more major characters, which is good since I have a bunch of newer ones that will get introduced at the start of the next story arc. (Patrons know some already.) The other poll asked about comedy, and most people seemed to be ok with it or like it; only one person said they weren’t a fan, so that is good to know. Nobody bothered to really vote against either poll so things seem like they will work out.

As for the main content plan this month, I have something special planned which may/may not be a surprise; though my Patrons already know what it is. I will do the DA images and the mini-set for this month in the next week or so and then use what time I have left for the other thing. I will post multiple previews on my Patreon, but there will be one here sometime after I mention that I am starting work on it. I think everyone is going to like it, but only time will tell. Also there are two new polls up, one asks how you feel about music/sound effects in adult games; and the other asks how often you buy adult image sets. (I fully intend to stay with my current Patreon based system, but I am considering making a few paid sets just to get my name on some of these sites.) So check those out and check back a little later for some kind of new content!

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