Status update: 9/19 – Bonus Patron stuff posted, other stuff soon.

Hey again. Sorry this is quite late – but I have had a ton of crap to do over the past two weeks; and every day this week I was hoping to get something finished/situated, and so I waited to post any updates until that happened. Long story short – I am somehow halfway done with the new side renders and the mini-set renders… so hopefully one of those will get done/posted soon.

But – I also did just post a bonus render for my Patreon patrons – as a little extra for my sixth anniversary! There are also three alternates for it as well – one slightly different pose, and then one nude alternate of each. 😀 (Those images star Helenya, and are available to all tiered patrons.)

One other thing I wanted to mention, is that there are currently no votes in the special poll… which is both quite depressing and somewhat surprising. I realize that people vastly prefer the non-human characters, (which is why I only let each main character win once until all girls get a turn – to give the others a chance) but I would imagine that it would still be worth voting for someone here… especially if it means you guys get free content. As I said before – I will scale the size of the anniversary mini-set based on the votes in that poll… and if there are no votes at all, I am not sure why I should even bother making anything if you all care so little about it. So, preferably vote in both polls a bit more; those will be up until the end of the month.

As always, if you would like to support my assorted works, and/or perhaps get access to some of my paid content, then check out my Patreon page!:

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