Monster poll results, new polls up!

Hey! So the results for the big monster poll are in, and rather than go through this as I usually do, I am going to try a new format here and see if it makes things easier to understand. Before that, know that there are two new polls up; one is another old poll brought back, asking how dark you prefer your adult content and the other one asks if you would be interested in short stories if I wrote some. I have been planning a few other things for a while, this is one of them; though the new cock model last month threw everything off due to so much time being needed to redo everything in the game so far. So please vote in those and let me know you thoughts! (Keep in mind I can do far better than what was in RTL; I had to cut around 80% of what was planed writing-wise to get it to fit the number of scenes/space I had for text in each set. I was told this might be a cool thing to try out, so I was considering giving it a try or two.)

The polls results bit is long so I am putting a read more tag here to stop it from taking up most of the main page; click the link below to see the poll results/my thoughts on specific things.

So, here are the poll options with the results listed from most to least and a line or two about each one.

  • Mermaids – 13 votes : Honestly this is surprising and strange to me; I guess this got voted up because it was one of the notably female monster options. I will see what I can do here, but I don’t see this being more than a mini-set topic any time soon; as mermaids are rather limited in terms of scene location/type.
  • Tentacle beasts – 13 votes : This I did expect, and no worries here; this was definitely going to happen regardless as I have always enjoyed a good tentacle scene. It is good to see that others like it as well though.
  • Dryads – 13 votes : Also a bit of a surprise here, though at least this is more versatile than mermaids. I will see what I can do; I have a few ideas here.
  • Slimes – 12 votes :  I think(?) this ended semi-high up last time as well, and I do have a model for this and some ideas; but I need to test it all and see how these work in practice. I can see this mixing with tentacles in an entertaining fashion.
  • Dragons – 12 votes : As mentioned in an earlier post, I remember this doing quite well before, and I did just do one mini-set with this; so we will see how people react to that one.
  • Dire wolves – 11 votes : I think this did well last time, and I did do this once already, though I have mixed feelings about that particular set due to scene issues I had to deal with. I think this will happen again regardless, so this should be covered.
  • Wargs – 10 votes : I am not surprised that this did well, and I have plans for this already.
  • Parasites – 10 votes : This was another surprise, and it is more of a sci-fi option, much like the aliens option I threw in for fun. I could work this in to the fantasy stuff, and apparently people want to see it, so I will think about this one.
  • Cerberi – 9 votes : This one I also recall from last time, and I have one idea in mind for it, though I have no idea when it will get put in. I may just use this in a mini-set before that.
  • Centaurs – 8 votes : Much like minotaurs, I expected this to do better; but perhaps the higher voted things just out classed this. I have been meaning to do a mini-set with one of these, it will probably be on a mini-set poll for my patrons soon.
  • Demons – 7 votes : Again, no question that this was going to happen regardless; but for whatever reason I guess the other options were more popular.
  • Minotaurs – 7 votes : As mentioned above, I expected better here; I can only assume people have either done these to death and/or that other options here were just more interesting. This will show up somewhere though, as Zayla does have the one smaller minotaur.
  • Snakes/Nagas – 6 votes : This was one of the more complex options offered; though I do want to do this at some point, I don’t have plans to do it soon. It is somewhat surprising that this did much lower than dryads and mermaids, but whatever.
  • Werewolves – 6 votes : This I might do soonish, though usually I just do beastmen as the difference is not immediately apparent without narration/a story.
  • Aliens – 5 votes : This was another wacky option I threw in for fun, and much more attuned to sci-fi stuff. I do not see this getting worked in to the fantasy renders, but if my patrons vote for a sci-fi mini-set, this could totally happen. (There is almost always at least one sci-fi option on those polls.)
  • Orcs – 4 votes : Not at all surprising that most people didn’t vote for these; I know for sure that they have been done to death by pretty much everyone; unfortunately they are the go to bad guys for fantasy stuff. While I have done this already, there will likely be more in the future as Zayla employs many orcs, goblins and such.
  • Spiders/Spiderkin – 4 votes : This was probably the most complex option offered and I did not look forward to trying this; though I still kind of want to and have a couple different ideas here, strangely. So this may happen sooner rather than later, when compared to other low voted options.
  • Ogres – 3 votes : Low votes here, which is only semi-surprising; I did an early attempt at an ogre way, way, way back in my second ever (really first major) image set. I have been meaning to work one of these in somewhere but it just never happened yet for assorted reasons.
  • Automatons – 2 votes : This was one of the stranger options on the poll, as these are basically primitive robots as far as I understand it. I have a plan for this at some point in the distant future, but that is all for now; apparently people aren’t overly interested anyway.
  • Goblins – 2 votes : Again, I know these have been done to death in adult renders due to ease of use and applicability. This option will happen regardless of low votes, as they are a fair share of Zayla’s minions.
  • Beastmen – 2 votes : I wasn’t expecting much here, and this is about what I expected. This will happen anyway at some point during the next story arc though; when a certain character gets worked in.
  • Horrors – 2 votes : Another oddball option here, and one I didn’t really want to do overmuch; but I put it as an option anyway to gauge interest. Apparently, most of you also do not much care for these, so they will stay on the shelf for the time being.
  • Doppelgangers – 2 votes : This was one of the more fun options offered, but apparently most of you either don’t care for the ides and/or preferred other things. I have at least one mini-set and side story based around these, but I have no idea when either of those will happen.
  • Zombies/ghosts – 1 vote : This was probably my least favorite option; if only because of the really, really awkward connotations that these would make in an adult scene. I would have at least considered it if there were significant interest, but there apparently isn’t; so this will get pushed to the back of the shelf back where it was.
  • Imps – 1 vote : As with goblins and orcs, these are among Zayla’s many minions and will show up regardless; I am not at all surprised that they ranked poorly as they also have been done a fair bit by everyone.
  • Golems – 1 vote : A strange option again, and one I have plans for in some of Xan’s later fights; so this may happen later regardless of low interest.
  • Lizardmen – 1 vote : I did one mini-set on this already, and there was at least some interest in it. I can only assume it was grossly outclassed by all the other options. I may revisit this anyway later on, I am not sure.
  • Vampires – 1 vote : Another very, very overdone item in adult stories/renders; though I may use this at some point in the future anyway. I do have one plan for this way down the line, if/when I ever get to it.
  • Ratmen – 0 votes : Not surprised that this tied for worst, though I do sort of have plans for it at least once in the next story arc; I may replace it with something else if nobody really cares for it. I will see about this when I get to it.
  • Mimics – 0 votes : I am actually surprised that this tied for worst, I expected at least a couple votes for this. I have done this once or twice and thought of it as a fun excuse for tentacles; though it apparently did poorly when stacked against other things. Zayla does have one of these, so it may show up again anyway; I can’t say for sure

That ends the poll results, I think everything was addressed better this way, but as usual I can only guess without any feedback. So comments on any of this and/or feedback would be great and I will be back in a couple days with updated previews from the game scenes I am almost done re-rendering.

4 thoughts on “Monster poll results, new polls up!

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Yea, that is probably it in regard to slimes; although parasites can be all sorts of things, so I am less sure for that one.

      1. myself

        anything parasitic probably involves with inserting eggs so it will probably endup with the victim laying eggs

        1. redleatherart Post author

          Good to know, and I have seen that in places; but the main parasite idea I have does not involve eggs. You may see what it is if/when my patrons ever vote for that particular sci-fi option, and I post a preview here.


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