Status update: 2/11

Hey. So I sent out Patreon rewards last night, and the new beta of the game that got sent out now features a pet play scene set of sorts; unfortunately that was the only new scene set I had time to work in this time around, what with re-rendering all the old scenes and everything. The new scene set also features one image that contains one fetish I don’t normally do, (water sports) but for assorted reasons I worked it in here.

So I am taking the next couple days to recover from last week, which was rough due assorted things. In the mean time, do check out the polls here and some spiffy new commissions I had done that are linked on my DA page and/or tumblr! I should be back sometime next week with something new to post here; the Patreon mini-set poll will end mid next week and it may be the preview of that, or maybe some new DA stuff.

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