RTL 9 Patreon preview up; coming here late this week.

Hi. As the title says, I just posted the RTL 9 early patreon preview for my patrons and it will get posted publicly at the end of this week. So far things are looking really nice and I am really seeing differences in what I can do with this new machine by making a whole scene on it and using more figures in a scene. This set should be quite nice, as it features some things I have really wanted to do but was unable to do until I got this new machine; but I will know for sure how everything worked out when it’s done. For the seven of you who actually read into these paragraphs, I posted something publicly on my Patreon page recently; you should check it out if you haven’t already. Anyway, the polls are going decently, but more votes is always good. Remember, I am using this as a gauge of interest; so more votes shows me that people are more interested in whatever the vote is about and/or the specific options voted for. This will almost certainly lead to a higher quality item being made and/or more consideration given to advisory polls. So check back later this week for the public preview of RTL 9, (or become my patron and see it now!) and spread the word about the polls and vote in them if you haven’t already!

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