Patreon rewards sent, RTL 8 previews updated.

Hey. As the title says, rewards for my paying patrons for last month have been sent out. On that topic, I did update the preview images in the earlier post for RTL 8 but waited to mention in it hopes that I would have the first animation done by now. (No huge differences, but still worth mentioning I thought.) However, due mostly to assorted real life stuff that needed done the past few days it is not done yet; so I will just mention the details of the final/updated RTL 8 and some other little things. I did not give a final count in the original post, as I thought that I was going to try and fix it still. (I have since updated that post to include the final total as well.) Little did I know how much I was going to end up fixing; but that just means more images again. The final set is 42 images, each with a clean and story version as usual.

In other news, I did fiddle around with some of the higher end content that I have for poser on my new machine and so far, things look pretty good. I have re-planned the next story set to attempt to include some higher quality content that my old machine could not handle; we will see how that works out next month. In any case, more votes in the polls would be appreciated and I hope to have this animation done by the end of this week.

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