RTL 7 final renders starting, set may be done mid-week.

Hi again. So RTL 7 final scene construction is done and I added a few more images that I wasn’t originally planning to, (again) but it is all for the best I think. Normally in my sets there are minor time skips here and there, to cut out parts that aren’t that important; (and/or aren’t exactly sex, so I figured people wouldn’t care) this time I decided to keep most (if not all) of those middle images in. I think it really helps though, as you can essentially figure out the story these images tell without any words on them at all. The problem with me doing that is that I am just now starting final renders, and I am not even sure how much more I can do today; I feel so drained right now having worked so much on this the past three or four days. I did fix a bunch of other small issues as well, (which I usually end up doing during final renders, so some work has been done there) so I am hoping that the final renders process goes smoother than usual this time; but if prior experience tells me anything, it won’t.

I think this set will be extra nice if everything I tried to do/planned works out, and still really good even if one or two things don’t. It also will likely be twice as large as I was planning; whatever that means at this point, since I have a bad habit of going overboard all the time anyway. There will also be some substantial postwork involved in this set, partially due to one thing I am planning to try and include. I will try and get some of the renders done today, but I should have a lot of time tomorrow either way; and the set may get done mid-week if everything goes well and I get a lot of time, but it will definitely be finished by the end of the week at the outside. Side note, there are still almost two weeks left in the contest and a week left in the polls; the game poll I actually am using to gauge interest in my current game idea, so votes there matter a fair bit and would be appreciated.

UPDATE 10/27: I am at least 2/3 done with final renders and things have actually gone fairly smoothly with one truly bizarre exception that I somehow got to fix itself in a way I am not totally sure I understand. I currently have around 30 images, with another 10 or so main ones to go; as well as some other auxiliary renders for a new thing that I am attempting, hence the 2/3 estimate. I should still have a little more time later tonight but I think final renders will wrap up early tomorrow, and then the postwork starts. All the new stuff seems to be working out so far, but the major thing I am worried about is that auxiliary render set and the postwork surrounding it; so I will see how that goes tomorrow. Looks really nice so far though.

UPDATE 10/28: Final and auxiliary renders are done; it took a lot longer than I thought it would to get everything working and fix a few minor issues, but so far it looks like everything is going to work. This set is on track to be my largest and best yet; but we shall see how the postwork goes.

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