Status update: 1/15

Hey again. Sorry for not posting an update this year before now, but honestly there was nothing to say, so I just didn’t bother. I did want to post the update yesterday, but we had the first real solid snow here in 10+ months starting yesterday – which left me with a horrific headache all day long… so that wasn’t going to happen.

My general situation has not really changed, and I have not had the time/energy to really even think about all this too much since the year began. I wanted to put up a new poll, but I have asked pretty much everything at least once by now and nobody really votes anymore anyway… so why even bother at this point. This month is not a planned content month or anything either… but it isn’t like I was really able to stick to my previous plan with all that last year, so I am not sure if that even matters. I should be back before the end of the month with some kind of update, but it will likely just be a status update again.

In terms of my overall plan – I am leaning towards either hanging this up entirely, or possibly having a very limited and irregular/spaced schedule… maybe with massive changes – but as before, this is not yet final. I just see no way to do what I used to do with all this anymore… and as noted previously, I was never really popular or anything anyway – so I can hardly even see much point in trying to get things back on track at this stage. I honestly feel like the universe has been sending me a message for the past year or so… and I should probably go along with that – but again, we will see.

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