Status update: 10/31 – Happy Halloween!

Hi again. I wanted to just make a post to give an update and say Happy Halloween, even if I do not have anything new to post at the moment. The weather here simply is not cooperating, and I have been quite busy/tired anyway – and forcing myself to make things never goes well, so I am choosing to just do a text post again… so at the very least you know I am not dead, etc. (For reference, the weather here was 80F four days ago – and is now 50F… with a lot of humidity/rain/wind the past few days; it is super strange, and really bad for my migraines.)

I really don’t even know what is going to happen with all this at this stage, honestly; as noted last post, everything just kind of fell apart this year for various reasons beyond my control. We will have to see what happens… but things this year have obviously not been working out.

I will be back with another update in a week or two if nothing else… but I truly do not even know what my plan is in terms of content for this project until Xmas due to missing this – and even then… I may just decide it is time to fold in at this point. I do not like that idea, but I don’t really see much choice at this stage; I knew going in to this that it would end eventually… nothing lasts forever – but I at least thought I would stop because I got tired of it, not due to a general lack of time/energy.

Also, I will probably just leave the poll up again, since there are so few votes, not quite certain yet.

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