Status update: 9/30

Hi. As you may have guessed if you saw my update on my site from last week, I unfortunately have not been able to work on anything yet. We had a tropical storm go by the northeast US last weekend, and I had really bad headaches for four days because of that alone… and then I got them again on Thursday until today due to the weirdly high humidity in my area. I am really hoping that all this wild weather crap is over now, and that I can make stuff for October – but this whole summer has been an awful mess overall for me. I hope you all have been doing better than I have. Really hoping I can do my usual Halloween stuff at the very least; I have been super busy and burdened with my weather migraines for months now – it has been quite annoying. We will have to see what the next several weeks have in store.

Also, thanks to whoever voted in the poll, but more votes are always appreciated; I plan to leave this poll up for a while again, since votes are low.

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