Status update: 6/29

Hey again. Once more, I am back with a status update at the minimum – since I do not have anything final to post as of yet.

I have had effectively no solid time to put towards renders and such for like two weeks now… and nothing I have seems good enough and/or done. (I still want a render or two to go with the short story thing as well, but I have not been able to do that yet.) I kept waiting to post something here/on my site until I was sure that there was just no way – and the air quality today is even worse than yesterday… so June is just a wash all around, really.

The weather last week here was super humid and rainy/stormy for literally a solid week and a half – and then for the last few days, the air quality is somehow worse than it was earlier in the month; it was 191 AQI today – super close to the 200 threshold, which is flat out dangerous. (From the Canadian wildfire smoke again.. and by the way normal AQI is like 10-35.) I had migraines most all last week, and now this week I have the horrible air quality to deal with – which is supposed to continue for a while again. Apologies, but this is literally the worst air quality in my area that I have ever seen, and some of the worst/strangest weather to go with it; life is just not cooperating at all lately, between this and other real life things I need to get done.

I really hope to have a decent batch of stuff to post soon if the weather and everything stops being awful for a decent while. I will do what I can, and we will see how  things are going by mid-July – I will be back with some kind of update here next month regardless.

Final note of June – at least someone finally voted in the poll… so thanks to that person; but more votes would really be nice. I apparently have to just leave it up again… and we will see what happens in July all around. I should be back in a week or two with a status update at the least, but who even knows anymore.

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