July special poll result, status update

Hi. So the special poll is over and option two won out; that option being Tabitha and Salune. I will work on that next, and the other two options will be used after this one. It is nice to see the the other options got votes as well, so watch for those a bit later. Also, two new polls are up now, One asks how long you prefer your adult VNs/games to be, and the other asks which of my character bios you like best. Please note this is NOT asking which character you like best visually/physically, but from a story/background/details standpoint.

In other news I have been rather sick the past few days and have gotten nothing much done at all, especially on this project. I have no idea how long this will continue, and it may force me to push back the next main image set a bit; we shall see. I will do the best that I can but things have not been going well these last few days and due to this, I am behind already as far as my usual schedule goes. Hopefully thing will get better soon, but there is nothing I can do about this right now. Please vote in these new polls as well and I will post again once I have some progress made somewhere. (Or if it has been a week or so just to check in.)

EDIT 7/20: I finished the DA image(s) a few hours ago and finally posted them. So now I can work on the main image set if my health cooperates.

UPDATE 7/24: I have just posted the early Patreon preview image for this upcoming chapter, it will be posted here in a few days in a new post. The next chapter will almost certainly be pushed back into next month due to lost time from my illness. More on that when I post the preview publicly. Also, the current polls have been extended into mid next month; as this chapter likely won’t be done until sometime into next month and I would like as many votes in these polls as possible. (The bio one especially, please vote if you haven’t; votes are still rather low for whatever reason.)

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