Happy Halloween, some new side renders posted!

Yo, Happy Halloween everyone. Sorry for the slight gap in posts again – but I decided against posting last week, as there wasn’t much to say yet… and the total votes in the polls here were intensely depressing. One of those things has not changed as of this post… which is definitely not great to see; but I do at least have two (three, kinda) new side renders for you all to see – mostly over on my DA/slushe pages, with the new Halloween one also posted below. Do note that the one render with just Helenya is an old Patreon exclusive render from like… 4(?) years ago – and I likely will have to delete it from my page soon, so I am choosing to post it elsewhere now. (With a handful of other things like it to be sprinkled in soon as well – but this one was Halloween themed, so here it is now.)

Quick, important note: I take the votes in the polls here on the right as a general interest gauge, and/or feedback – so when nobody votes, I find it quite hard to justify making much that month… which is in no small part why there is only one “new” Halloween render this time around, and why the third new render didn’t get finished in time. I have no idea why nobody voted this time around, but do please do that if you care, and/or want to see more of my work. I am already near rock bottom right now in terms of motivation, due to all the assorted factors going on – such as the effective/probable loss of my Patreon page… (not that I ever even made much on it anyway, which is possibly even more depressing) so if I feel nobody really cares about my work, there really isn’t much reason to make/post much anymore. Voting is free, and takes like 5 seconds – I really see no good reason for not voting; especially when both were going to be used in helping to decide what was supposed to be made that segment.

Not much else to say yet – I have not even really started trying to get my Patreon page re-sorted, or anything else with my various other pages; I have just been too busy/out of it. (That hike a week ago finished me off for a few days – my knees in particular hurt a fair bit from all the uphill parts.) I will probably be back with at least one new poll in a few days… but I am not even sure of that anymore. No clue when any other new content will get done; especially with my motivation near zero, in addition to my high fatigue. The plan was to try and finish the writing/composition for LITC 6; but that is not happening in the near future, based on how I feel today. Maybe things will improve near the end of November, and I can work on that… but I definitely have to go through all the posts on my Patreon page sometime in the next month, and “””fix””” all that crap – which is going to be all kinds of sad. However, I don’t have much of a choice, given Patreon’s upcoming nonsensical policy changes. (NSFW pages soon have to submit various “””proofs””” of ID, including a photo – everything someone would need to totally steal/assume your identity, just in order to exist… on top of the already existing rules of no public NSFW, etc.)

Lastly, if there is any chance anyone out there would actually like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or get access to one of my latest/best mini-sets, (this month gets a choice of any mini-set of choice for the middle $15 tier, and I currently plan to just have it remain like that for what little time my Patreon likely has left – I have no clue when you will be able to get the games again once I redo my Patreon, so now may be your only chance) like the remaining finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made, (the micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; not sure what else may come in the future at this point…) check out my Patreon page!: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Any interest, comments, follows, likes, votes, or support really does help. It is really hard to keep making new stuff when nobody seems to care. Following me on DA/slushe/pixiv/twitter/whatever doesn’t cost anything – and that all does help spread the word about my work… so please consider doing some of that if you haven’t already.

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