Status update: 1/12 – Weather complications

Hey. I just wanted to stop by and post a quick update here, since nothing is ready just yet. Long story short – the weather here has been freakier than usual these past weeks, and it is going to remain that way through the upcoming weekend, evidently. (Big snow/ice event allegedly coming to the middle east coast area in a few days.) However, I have made some progress with the anniversary set – so there is that, but I still need to do the third scene; and while I hope to get that situated before the end of the week… I dunno if that will happen, based on the past two weeks or so. (I have had fair to bad headaches almost every day, even when not doing anything – and trying to do anything just makes it worse.)

As for other things – I have also been working on learning something else for a couple weeks now – and that is apparently going far better than it usually does with most people, I am told; so something may come of that in the months to come as well… who knows.

Also, do please vote in those two polls on the right; they would be helpful, and will definitely be taken into consideration for upcoming content.

So… I hope/plan to be back in a few days with that anniversary mini-set; but don’t be surprised if it is longer than that – I am doing what I can, given the insane weather flips that are happening here… but that isn’t too much as of late.

As always, if by whatever chance anyone else out there would actually like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or get access to one of my latest/best mini-sets, (January has a new mini-set that will go out whenever it is done) like the remaining finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made, (the micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; not sure what else may come in the future at this point…) check out my Patreon page!:

Any interest, comments, follows, likes, votes, or support really does help. It is hard to keep making new stuff when nobody seems to care. Following me on DA/slushe/pixiv/twitter/whatever doesn’t cost anything – and that all does help spread the word about my work… so please consider doing some of that if you haven’t already.

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