General status update: 10/15

Hi again… sorry about the gap in posts – but it isn’t quite what it seemed this time. I had written that full status update thing like I had planned early this week, and it was pretty huge; but – I waited to post it until I thought it over a bit more. Long story semi-short, it all came across as incredibly negative; (which isn’t entirely unwarranted…) and I see nothing good coming out of posting that – so I think that will remain unpublished. However, I will summarize my situation/thoughts very briefly below.

  • Things aren’t going great in terms of interest/support for my work right now… which is concerning; and it has been that way for a while now – but I imagine a large chunk of that is because of COVID. It would be nice if people could at least vote in the polls here on the right, though – it takes like 5 seconds; and even likes, faves, shares, follows, etc. help me know that people are interested.
  • I think the quality of my renders has improved greatly in the past year… so I still have some hope that things might still pick up; we will see what happens in the next few months.
  • I have no real indications as to what people really like and what they don’t – so I am mostly just doing whatever I feel like doing, since I get basically no feedback. (So more feedback would be nice.)
  • All my side projects and other more complex ideas (games, VNs, etc. – anything above animations) are effectively cancelled until things improve significantly… if they even do. (Not that I have had time for much else anyway – there hasn’t been progress on the new game in over a year.)

As for my current status – I am chugging along with the mini-set renders, which are looking quite nice; and doing the side renders as I can – hopefully I can get those posted next week sometime. (I still need like 2 more, as it has been so long and I want to post a bigger batch… I do have one of the Halloween ones basically set though.) The anniversary mini-set and LITC 6 will likely get pushed to next month, but we will see what happens… it is hard to say at this stage. (I just don’t really see me having time to do the anniversary set this month too; and finishing the writing for LITC 6 requires me to be in better mental shape than I am right now – it is extremely draining.) I do also want/need to post a bunch of my work elsewhere, and update my pixiv/redubbble pages… but we will see when I can finally get to that. Hopefully I will be back next week with some other update – but we will see what ends up happening; again though, please vote in the polls on the right.

So… if by some chance anyone else out there would actually like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or perhaps even get access to the most recent of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the remaining finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made. (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; not sure what else may come in the future at this point…) Regardless, check out my updated Patreon page!:

Any interest, comments, follows, likes, votes, or support really does help. It is hard to keep making new stuff when nobody seems to care. Following me on DA/slushe/twitter/whatever doesn’t cost anything – and that all does help spread the word about my work… so please consider doing some of that if you haven’t already…

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