Some new side stuff posted, more coming soon.

Hey. Apologies for the time gap – but I have been really busy, and the weather has been pretty crappy so I have had a lot of migraines as well. Long story semi-short, I posted half the new side renders late on Wednesday, for those of you who have not yet seen those… and people seem to really like my latest experiments/refinements in those renders so far. 🙂 However, I do have another few side renders to post, and I plan to do that late tomorrow (Saturday) – just to space things out a little, as there were over ten side renders this time… just because I wanted to make up for the time without any. There are also two (sort of) new side renders over on my slushe page as well – since that one cannot get posted to DA… so check that out too!

Many of those new side renders are showcasing my latest discoveries regarding my recent experiments with various octane settings and skin – so there are some nice sweat effects, and wet skin looks coming up as well… and so far, it really seems like people like it – which is really nice. 😀 (I generally keep these things minimal unless it fits the scene, since I think overly oily/wet skin looks freaky without any justification – but many times previously I also just tended to not bother with it even if I should have… until now.) I think I have saved the best few side renders to post last… but we shall see. (I am also hoping to get some previews for LITC 6 ready to post here and/or on DA… but we will see how that goes, as things have not progressed much with that so far.)

As for the mini-set and story set – I am proceeding well enough with the mini-set (though later than I would have liked…); but I have not made much progress with the story set… I am just too out of it to write on that level still from all the assorted real life crap I have had to deal with this month. I hope that maybe I can finally finish that early next week… but I really don’t know at this point – my attempts to force it quickly backfired. (I start making stupid mistakes/typos when I try to force myself though things – and it almost always is of lower quality as well… which I don’t want.) Quick ending side note: more votes in the polls on the right would really be appreciated.

As per almost always, if anybody out there would actually like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the remaining finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made! (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; and I hope to soon restart work on the newer game, if all the assorted factors involved allow it.) Regardless, check out my Patreon page!:

Any interest, comments, follows, likes, votes, or support really does help. It is hard to keep making stuff when nobody seems to care. Following me on DA/slushe/twitter doesn’t cost anything – and does help spread the word about my work… so please consider doing some of that if you haven’t already.

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