March 2021 mini-set preview is up!

Hey. I have the new mini-set preview done slightly early – at least compared to the past several months; and that preview is below! This new mini-set for March features my curvy succubus OC, Helenya – who is out walking Zayla’s pet minotaur, Tiny. (Together again for the first time since my seventh ever image set, six years ago – where they were both introduced; and it’s kinda weird to think about it like that… doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.) EDIT: Second preview is now also below! 😀

As for the story/setup, Zayla want’s him to get enough exercise… but she is often too busy to walk him all the time – so sometimes she had Helenya do it for her. Of course, Zayla is well aware of the almost guaranteed outcome of sending two sex-obsessed creatures out alone together… but she doesn’t much care. It isn’t like either of them can hurt each other… which is rare in both cases – and fortunately for the two of them, they are also quite good at satisfying each other. Helenya was the one who found Tiny, and brought him to Zayla, after all – so it was only fair to let her ‘play’ with him every so often. The sexy brown succubus always enjoys coaxing a thick load or three out of Zayla’s hung pet – almost as much as she enjoys drinking it, or having her pussy, womb, and ass filled with his thick, salty cream. They were effectively guaranteed to have an impressive amount of sex whenever Zayla sent them off together – but that was why she never bothered asking what made them take five hours or more to walk around the outside of her lair… which she knew only really took like 30 minutes. 😀

You can check the tags on this post to see what I plan to include here – although I am not sure I want to actually make a “tailjob” tag… so I just put it down as a handjob for now. I hope you all enjoy the preview, and as always – this mini-set will go out to appropriate patrons of mine starting with main rewards next month… whenever those get sent. (Which will likely be quite late, if the next few days go according to plan.)

In regard to other/upcoming things, I am theoretically on track to get a few previews for a new story set done soon – not totally sure if that will get done before the end of the month though. I will do the best I can, and post those whenever they are done. Also/again, more votes in the polls on the right would be appreciated. Anyway, hopefully I will be back soon with something new – so do check back for that.

As I usually mention – if anyone out there would like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the other finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made. (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; and I am doing what I can on the new game with whatever time I may be able to spare – if any…) Regardless, check out my updated Patreon page!:

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