Largest mini-set to date finished, new preview coming soon!

Hi again! I know it has been a while, but I think it was worth the wait – since the mini-set I just finished and sent out is my largest and likely best yet! I really enjoyed this one, and I got everything that I wanted to put in – including the start/end images, what I usually have to leave out. (The start for this was the first preview, just FYI.) Regardless the James/Tabitha/Delfina mini-set 71 ended up at a total of 62 images! (I have effectively been making story set level image sets for most ‘mini’ sets for months now… just with no text on them.) There are a good number of alternate angles in there – as is the trend these days, but there is also a good chunk of different bits/scenes; and I think it all came out really, really nice! This is probably my favorite mini-set that i have done so far… but that is also a tough call. I am glad my summer themed mini-set came out so well though, as i had been wanting to do one of those for a while. 🙂

Also, please vote in the polls on the right if you have not yet done so… votes are a bit low and these are fairly important – so some more votes would be nice. There will also be a bunch of stuff happening next month… but some of that will depend on the votes that a certain upcoming poll gets. I did also go ahead and post the bunnygirl mini-set over on my gumroad page – since i apparently forgot to do that earlier in the month; so that is available for solo purchase to anyone interested, check the link over on the master catalog. Otherwise, I will be back either on Sunday or Monday with the new mini-set preview… so do check back for that. I hope everyone is staying safe and such in the mean time.

So… if you think that you might want to see the full mini-set, as well as whatever other mini-sets are currently available, and/or perhaps get access to some of my paid content, then check out my Patreon page!:

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